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Written By: Colleen - Aug• 20•08

R.I.P. LeRoi Moore

I honestly haven’t been into new Dave Matthews Band since my junior year of college, but I’ve seen the band perform many times and it’s just so sad. It like that kid you hung out with constantly your freshman year of college passed away and even though you haven’t seen him since, say, Sept. 11 your sophomore year, knowing that he’s not around anymore to create still feels like a huge loss. So R.I.P.

For any DMB/former DMB fans/interested parties, here’s the set list from the show last night:

Tuesday Aug 19 2008
Staples Center

Proudest Monkey*
So Damn Lucky*
Eh Hee *
Water Into Wine*
Burning Down The House*
Dancing Nancies*
Loving Wings*
The Maker*
Grey Street*
Dreaming Tree*
Crash Into Me*
Anyone Seen The Bridge*
Too Much Intro*
Ants Marching*

Corn Bread*
Two Step*

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