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Heaven Blessed

Written By: Colleen - Mar• 24•09

Pictures from this weekend are coming very, very soon but here’s what happened in New York this weekend while I was in NC preparing for the 25 Hour Podcast for Autism Speaks:


I wish very much that I could have been there.  My grandparents brought the flowers.  They went around to the backyard to greet Strider first, just like he always excitedly ran outside to greet them before any of us when they would come over.

This weekend was incredibly fun and the perfect distraction.  But now that it’s over and although I was running on the high from it until about 4pm, I didn’t get a job that I was up for this morning and it totally killed my buzz.  Reality has set back in and it’s time to get back to business.  Think good thoughts that I get a job soon!  And think good thoughts for my little puppy 🙂

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