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Move over, Bob Loblaw

Written By: Colleen - Sep• 14•10

So back in the day aka June, I had spoken to a potential wedding DJ.  I liked him over the phone, he was an up-and-comer on Long Island and I wanted to maybe give him a shot.  Then he emailed me an invoice/contract and it read:


Yes, I know.  I shared that story on Twitter and Facebook like 3 months ago.  However, last week when I went to order my hopefully/potential future wedding band choices, our saleswoman also apparently had a difficult time with my future last name:


And just to throw this in, when I got my ring sized after we got engaged in February, this was how the woman who helped me used her creative interpretation:

jeremiah-glatgelter[In case you were wondering, because Jay bought the ring, every time I do something with it, the transaction is always under his name.]

Anyone else have a frequently misspelled last name?  haha, I think it’s hilarious.

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