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Written By: Colleen - Apr• 28•11

Well, this is it!  We’ve got my dress at home, we’ve had the wedding rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner, and we’ve got a great forecast for tomorrow!

Jack gave a great speech.  My sister’s friend kindly taped it for me so now I’m sharing it with all of you.  Short post tonight because I have to try to get some sleep (man I shouldn’t have given Jay the NyQuil to take back to the hotel!) for tomorrow.  Plus, I ate WAY too much tonight so I have no idea how I’m going to fit in my dress tomorrow :(.  We had a great time at the rehearsal dinner and I can’t wait for it to be 4pm on April 29 already!  I’m getting married tomorrow!

Here’s the speech and a pic of me and Jay from tonight with our sparkling cider (the restaurant lost its liquor license in March & neglected to tell us until 6 days ago that there was a problem).  I don’t know why I look so scary in it.  My camera’s flash is way too bright.  Stay tuned for tomorrow. I set up another post to go off at 11am EST while I’m out getting my hair did. Night!

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  1. Kelly Jo says:

    Awh. I’m so happy for both of you :’)

  2. Jessica aka jlyn says:

    That’s a great speech. I loved the Toy Story reference. lol

  3. Anne-Sophie says:

    You look beautiful, Colleen and you all looks so happy!

  4. cackleberry says:

    I love your dress! So glad that you found it.

  5. Carol L. says:

    Looks like you are marrying into a great family. 🙂 What a nice speech. Hopefully the family has all made it out for the wedding.

    Perfect weather today, my wish for you came true!

    Congratulations to both of you. Don’t sweat the small stuff today, you won’t even remember it later. Just have fun, that is what people remember, that the couple was happy and had fun.

  6. Jeff in Texas says:

    Awesome toast by Jack! I wish you and Jay the very best! May God bless you both as you begin your life together!!

  7. HS says:

    Nice speech by Jack. Colleen, you don’t look scary at all in the photo, you look great.
    Best wishes for your wedding day and yours and Jay’s new life together!

  8. Karen says:

    Jack’s speech was so sweet that I teared up.
    We (your peeps) can see that you and Jay are meant to be together. Sometimes you can just look at two people and see that they are a perfect fit together, and you two are just that!
    Time goes by so fast and life brings a wide range of experiences to us. In my life with my hubby, I know there is no one in the world I would want to experience all the ups and downs of life with, than him. And why I mention the thing about time going by so fast is…Even though I’ve been with my hubby a loooong time, I still feel like I just met him yesterday.
    My wish for you two is to always find a way to keep that “newness” about your love through every passing year.

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