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Thru the Looking Glass Pensive

Written By: Colleen - May• 29•11

I never was too into the “Harry Potter” movies until Jay started getting into them, but now I’m a fan. That said, I think the final movie (out July 15) is going to really feel like a loss to me. First Harry Potter, then Lost, now Harry Potter again.

The following is a letter from Alan Rickman (aka Severus Snape) to Jo Rowling. Just as “Lost” changed my life, so did Harry Potter. Joanne Rowling, you are an inspiration to all of us wannabe writers because you are the master!


This is a video made by a fan that I found on the Huffington Post. Jay & I both watched it last night and agreed that it made us need to go read/watch HP immediately!

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  1. Jessica aka jlyn says:

    That’s a great read from Alan Rickman. I came into the Harry universe really late. I saw SS on DVD, I was a bit intrigued so I bought books 1 & 2 about a year & half before the final book came out and never read them. I decided to read them after the Christmas when my 60 year old aunts and uncles were talking about the series. I read all 6 books in about 5 months right before DH came out. Glad I read them it’s such a fantastic series. I love the movies I know they are not perfect from the series but I think they did the best they could with the movies. But I will say I think after David Yates took over they got better. You can tell he’s a big fan of the books and not just making the movies for something to do. I’m looking forward to the last movie. But I will miss Jason Isaacs in his “Paris Hilton” wig

  2. Jim Watari says:

    I started reading the books after watching Goblet of Fire. I read Order of the Phenoix first, then went back the first book. I only had to wait for the last book 😀

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