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No, You Don’t.

Written By: Colleen - Aug• 09•11

So normally I’d just post this on Twitter but I can’t get it to load at the moment so I’ll just go this way with it and hope it ReTweets instead haha.

So.  This “Moves Like Jagger” song my Maroon 5 doesn’t suck like a lot of their recent stuff has (I LOVE “SONGS ABOUT JANE” BIG TIME!) so I gave it a listen through the entire video.  I just have one comment.  Who the hell does Xtina’s CGI in this video and can I hire them?  F*ck man, Christina Aguilera doesn’t look this good in black, much less a white dress.

That is all. /Mean comment. Hopefully I’ll finally finish my next SDCC post later or tomorrow.

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