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Another Way?

Written By: Colleen - Jul• 16•12

Comic-Con 2012 posts coming soon; I just needed a day to decompress since it’s been a very hectic 24 hours.  First day at the new job was great.  I think it’s going to be a good fit for me and that I’m going to enjoy it a lot.

I’ve been vegging out and catching up on the Internets tonight.  I came across this secret on PostSecret and it made me sad.

I initially thought this represented the downside to the Internet, the lack of communication that happens in the digital age.  Then, as I started to type that thought out, I had a second thought: Who’s to say that the person who wrote this postcard would’ve been able to talk to Person #2 even if the Internet wasn’t around?  Maybe this is just another form of communication, an attempt to stay in touch in an alternate way; a different way of learning more to build up the courage to say something?  Digital spying because they care rather than just giving up and walking away?  Ha, maybe the fact that I got 4 hours of sleep in the past 38 hours has finally gotten to me.  Or maybe I just had such a great time at Comic-Con that I’m looking at everything like it’s coming up roses…?


[P.S. While we’re on the subject, if anyone wants to submit something for my book, please let me know.  It’s never too late.]

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  1. Vicki says:

    I kinda get what you’re saying, and I think that I saw the positive side of this first. I’m not always so great at the whole face-to-face thing, so sometimes communicating with them online can be a little easier for me.

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