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642 Things to Write About Challenge: Week 28

Written By: Colleen - Jul• 14•13

I know this is a bit of a downer one, but I think anyone reading this can respond to it and with some great answers.

“What would you run out of the house with if your house caught on fire?”

I think this is such a difficult question.  I’m going to assume in this question that I know that Jay is either safely on his way out the door with me or not home.  The first thing I would grab would be Zoe.  I don’t care if she’s in the room with the fire; I’m not leaving my little Zobo behind.

The next thing I’d want to save is my laptop.  If I can’t get to that, I’d try to grab my external hard drive since it has a lot of things saved on it.  I’d want to laptop or external hard drive for sentimental reasons, since both have a lot of personal things on them.

Finally, I’d grab the scrapbook that I made for Jay when we celebrated our first dating anniversary.  I put weeks of work, sweat, ‘n’ tears into making that scrapbook.  It’s really long and comprehensively covers every single thing we did during our first year of dating, including our very first conversations with each other, back on the old Lost Podcast Proboards forum.  It’s one of my all-time favorite things I’ve ever made.

I know I could get into other things I’d want to save, like some photographs in frames, but all of those things can be replaced or reprinted.  And of course, I’d obviously throw on my favorite pair of shoes to run out of the house in to save those too… 😉

So what would you run out of the house with if it were on fire?  Leave your answers below in the comments section!

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  1. Desiree' Bingham says:

    Other than my children, the only things that I would feel I needed to take with me are the shoebox full of baby photos of my children and the manila envelope of important documents (marriage & divorce certificates, birth certificates, shot records, etc.). Everything else could be replaced. Most of my photos are online these days, but not the baby photos, I should scan them and upload them, but that’s such a big project. I would be sad to lose all the things my children made for me throughout the school years, but that stuff is scattered around the house and not easily taken out the house. As long as I had my children & the baby photos of them, I would be okay.

    • Colleen Glatfelter says:

      Putting my pictures online “saved” me a lot of hassle when my hard drive crashed last year. Granted, I lost a lot of them too, but now I try to stay current backing things up. I have copies of my marriage certificate and birth certificate (just copies) at work just in case.

  2. Will says:

    Just my dog and my phone if my phone is close by. All of my files are already backed up in the cloud. I spent one Christmas break when I was in college scanning all of my old photos and all of my pics now are digital.

    • Colleen Glatfelter says:

      Oh yeah, haha. My phone would probably be the actual first thing I’d grab, if I’m being complete realistic & honest. I need to back up more old pictures.

  3. Melody says:

    Well, you hit everything on my list, Colleen. Although instead of a scrapbook, I just have a box of photos haha so I’d just throw my cat, Skittles on top and I’d definitely grab my copy of To Kill a Mockingbird. It’s probably the book with the most sentimental value attached to it for me other than the HP series, so if I could only take one book from my collection, that would be it. And of course, my important records (birth cert, ssc, etc).

  4. Adam Gough says:

    It’s tough to think of something original here – assuming everyone in the house is safe, there’s very few things that matter enough to risk your life.

    I’d definitely go for my laptop and my external hard drives as I have the latest projects for songs saved … and although everything is backed up quite recently in other locations, it’d be impossible to remember all of the recent tweaks!

    I can’t really think of anything that would concern me purely on a sentimental level … I’m just thinking practically, like birth certificates and stuff. Probably means I’m a psychopath or something. lol

    On a purely shallow level though, I’d definitely grab my phone & iPad – cos it’d be a bitch to get them set up just the way I want again! 🙂

    • Colleen Glatfelter says:

      haha nah you’re not a psychopath, just a guy. I keep a copy of my marriage & birth certificates at work, just because you never know. Not the originals, but at least it’s something. The originals are in a fire proof safe.

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