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Finally Finished Gone Girl…

Written By: Colleen - Aug• 22•13

…and I really want to discuss it.

I thought the beginning was really good.  It lagged a little in the middle.  Once Part 2 started, it got really excellent.  I loved every minute of actually piecing it all together and read Parts 2 and 3 in half the time it took me to get through Part 1.  Excellently written and the story itself was “put together” very well.

I’m still not sure how I feel about the ending.

I knew it was going to be a fucked up ending.  Everyone warned me how fucked up it was.  Everyone I know who has already read the book said, “Ooooh let me know what you think about the ending!”

I don’t even know what I think about the ending yet.  I wanted justice to be served.  I really dislike Amy.  I think I need to process this overnight and talk more about it tomorrow.  Leave me some good comments for discussion.  I really want to talk about this book, but I don’t even know where to start…

If you haven’t read Gone Girl: A Novel yet, then you should get on it and then get back to me with what you thought.  I can’t believe I’m so late to the party with this book.  I bet everyone was so over talking about this last year, lol.  Affleck is playing Nick and Rosamund Pike is playing Amy in the movie?  Interesting.

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  1. Melissa McGuire says:

    I’ve read it. I borrowed it electronically from the library on my iPad (have I mentioned how much I love that I can do that?). I read it rather quickly. The library only gives you 21 days before your lending period expires. That’s a short amount of time now that I have kids.

    I found the story to be well thought out. The narrative parts, told from each side of the couple in question was an interesting way to let the reader think one thing about the characters, then turn that on its ear.

    I didn’t necessarily find the ending to be much different for me emotionally than how I felt about the rest of the book. That is to say, I really really really very strongly disliked the two main characters. I found nothing redeeming about either of them. I didn’t like Amy, when we learned about her from her husband’s point of view, but I didn’t like him either when we found out what a selfish louse he was. So, I guess they got what they deserved – each other. I agree, no one pays for all of the damage they inflicted..except that old boyfriend.

    In the end, it’s not a book I’d ever read again, so I am glad I checked it out of the library. And it involved people I certainly wouldn’t want to spend any time with at all.

    I guess I ended ambivalent because I didn’t like either of the protagonists. Really really really didn’t like them. But you’re not supposed to. Right?

    I did, however, like the solve the crime mystery parts of the book. That was fun to follow along.

    Ok, now you. Discuss. 🙂

    • Colleen Glatfelter says:

      Of course, I don’t get to get back to this until like 20 hours after I post it, ugh. Sorry! They are both totally unlikable characters, but I liked Nick’s supporting characters & fam more than I liked Amy’s supporting characters & fam. I enjoyed his parts more. I gotta go, but I’ll be back in a bit for more!

      • Melissa McGuire says:

        Absolutely agreed. I think that the only character I actually liked in the book was Nick’s sister. I felt badly for her at the end, after trying to help her brother, he just walks right back in….and I won’t spoil it. But I thought she had a lot of Moxie and was a good person. The only one in the book.

        I didn’t know they’d cast for a movie. With Ben Affleck as Nick, sounds like the movie aims to make him likable. I think Ben does likable well. I don’t know the actress cast as Amy. Will have to IMDB her.

        Looking forward to your thoughts.

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