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Jay Gets Iced

Written By: Colleen - Aug• 18•14

Jay’s friend and Zach’s godfather, Cole, challenged Jay to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge yesterday. [Confession: Even though this has apparently been going on for like two weeks, I had NO IDEA this challenge existed until I saw a video of Oprah doing it on Saturday; no joke! I then proceeded to delightedly watch like 30 more videos in a row, haha.] He lived up to the task tonight and challenged me, Jack, Dale, and his friend/co-worker Anson to do it within the next 24 hours.

Here is Jay’s video:

I think this whole thing is a great way to raise awareness for a cause that otherwise gets lost in the mix. One of my mom’s best friends died of ALS six years ago at a young age (late 40s), leaving behind three children (the oldest was 25 at the time). It’s a horrible illness and I hope all of this money raised somehow does, in fact, make it into the right hands who will help make strides towards treatment and a cure.

I hate the cold but I look forward to pouring ice over myself in some fashion tomorrow. If you want to donate, you can visit

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    1. CJ says:

      I just heard about this a few days ago as well but I think the reason may be that it was started in the world of sports and continued there for quite a while. Either way, this is excellent and I can’t wait to see Jack & Dale do it. Hopefully it’ll catch on in the entire J&J group.

      • Colleen Glatfelter says:

        Glad that we didn’t disappoint. I really was going to nominate you, haha.

        • CJ says:

          I think it would be fair to say the only way I’ll do that is if 100 people from the Jay & Jack group do it. I can safely say that because I’m confident not that many people would be willing to. Much props to the cajones on all 4 of you (especially the trio using heavy machinery).

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