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Sixth Anniversary Adventure

July 29, in case you missed all 200 posts on Facebook and Instagram, was my and Jay’s six-year dating anniversary.  Since we only have two anniversaries and no children’s birthdays to worry about, we still like to celebrate it.  Plus, it’s a good excuse to do something fun in the summertime that’s just the two […]

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Hello, 2012

Ah crap.  I’m 12 days behind on my first post of 2012 and I was aiming to blog at least one post a week for the entire yet.  I’ll have to make it up.  I’ve been doing that thing where I work on 5 different posts but never finish them because they require things like […]

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Adventures in Charlotte

This past weekend, Jay and I were fortunate enough to have an opportunity to go to a Carolina Panthers v. Minnesota Vikings game.  It was the first NFL game for both of us.  We decided that since the game happened to fall on the weekend of our six month wedding anniversary (coincidentally) and I had […]

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I think I’ll skip the trip to Oz today, thank you very much.

I stopped to get the mail on my way back from the gym/doing errands just as the storm began to hit.  I guess the tornado and high wind warnings were true, because this branch broke off a tree about 15 feet in front of me. It got really dark and REALLY, REALLY, REALLY windy here […]

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The One Where I Spent 15 Hours in Penn Station

So here’s my latest travel story.  I do want to say on record that I am 100% aware that delayed travel is one of the lesser of life’s worries in the scheme of things.  But everyone has a breaking point and when you constantly encounter “setbacks” getting places and you’ve been alone in a train […]

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of all the days for NY to have its first snow of the year…

So around 7pm on Christmas Day, I received a text message alert from Southwest Airlines that my flight back to Raleigh on December 26 was canceled.  I called to reschedule and after 50 minutes on hold, was told the problem was all Baltimore flights (I had a layover at BWI) were being scrapped so I […]

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Brought to you by the letters “Cee Lo”

hahahaha. Here’s a chuckle for your Saturday: Here’s the “official” explanation: City spokesperson Marlene Feist says personnel from the street department believe snow may be wedged in the electronic sign… She also said that it was clearly ‘unintentional’. I totally want one of these signs. Tweet

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i hope that you know that it matters

I also got some really nifty Hello, Kitty! pens and Starbucks gift cards, which were awesome. Thank you to Vikas and everyone else who contributed: Finally, comments like this one (thank you everyone who left one & made me cry lol) that my sister Katelyn found and sent to me from the LA Times article: […]

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The Soldiers Stationed in Afghanistan Lady Gaga/Beyonce Video

I know that this has been on every blog all day today but there’s a reason why.  It’s one of the most hilarious f*cking parody videos I’ve seen in a while: Tweet

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Picnics are fun

It’s finally gotten warmer in Raleigh, so to celebrate the 70-degrees and sunny weather, Jay and I went on a picnic in Pullen Park.  Jay made sammiches and I ate them.  Good deal, right? P.S. Stay tuned in the next few days for (hopefully) some wedding news 🙂 All set for a picnic! The chef […]

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