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642 Things to Write About Challenge: Week 29

This one is obviously inspired by my travels this week.  Leave your answers below! 🙂 “What would you buy from the SkyMall catalog? Why?” I’m actually looking at a SkyMall catalog right now and my goodness, there are so many things that I would totally buy from SkyMall.  Some are “practical,” some are blatantly ridiculous. […]

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I Think I Have a Trickster.

I think I have a trickster. I don’t really have a better term for it, so I’m using one that I learned by watching 8 seasons of Supernatural.  Lately, I have had the weirdest things happen to me.  Each time involved me thinking that I lost something important to me, only to find it almost […]

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10,000 Feet Up!

I’m posting this right now from my AirTran flight from Atlanta to Minneapolis.  It’s the first time I can remember ever using Wifi on a flight.  Sure, it was $10 but after spending over 4 hours in ATL with no Internet but my phone’s Internet, I figured it was worth for the next 2 hours.  […]

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Take that, Delta?

Haha. Found this on Craigslist this morning.  Too funny. Why didn’t I think to do this? (Click to enlarge) Since our vouchures from our disastrous attempt to get to LA last year expired one year after they were issued (sometime June 2011), we had no choice but to use them or lose them and I wasn’t […]

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of all the days for NY to have its first snow of the year…

So around 7pm on Christmas Day, I received a text message alert from Southwest Airlines that my flight back to Raleigh on December 26 was canceled.  I called to reschedule and after 50 minutes on hold, was told the problem was all Baltimore flights (I had a layover at BWI) were being scrapped so I […]

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How About “Opt to Keep Things Moving Smoothly” Day?

Dear Fellow Travelers, I know this is the “Worst Travel Day of the Year” and I know that there’s been a call to arms for protest over the invasive full body scans/Law & Order: TSA Pat Downs, but I’m begging you all please to think of those of us who just really want to have […]

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A-to the-mothereffing-01

So when I checked into my Southwest flight tonight, I completely forgot that I was flying Business Select.  I booked it kinda late and by then, there was only a $10 difference between that and the lowest tier so I figured “What the hell?”  Since I’m super anal retentive about getting a good spot on […]

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I bet the airline industry is loving this

For so long, the airline industry has taken it up the ass (Editor’s Note: they deserve it) but now it’s the Transportation Security Administration’s turn to face the heat for their part in the increasingly unpleasant air travel experience.  The addition of Advanced Imaging Technology (aka Full Body Scanners) has been the hot issue to […]

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Meg McLain: Poster Child for TSA Violations or the Next Generation of Famewhore?

So everybody that’s ever met me or visited my blog or followed my Twitter or listened to any podcast I’ve ever been on or been within a 5 foot radius of me at an airport knows that I have bad luck traveling.  As a result, I always pay attention to any news story that involves […]

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Obligatory 10/10/10 Post

On the topic of 10/10/10 the lovely Jana coincidentally and completely unintentionally sent me a text tonight at 10:10pm, haha.  I thought that was funny. Anyways, I went home to Long Island this weekend for my cousin Brian’s engagement party and to visit my family in general.  I went to my awesome bridal shop (Alicia […]

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