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About that Possible MetroBuzz Reunion Show

Hello, everyone! At the request of a few friends, I’m giving a little bit more details in writing about the possible MetroBuzz reunion show for Jay and Jack’s Annual 30 Hour Podcast for Autism Speaks. The goal is to raise $2,000 towards Autism Speaks. If John & I can raise $2,000, then we will do […]

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Guess Who’s (Maybe) Back?

If you haven’t already heard, then you should listen to this. Especially if your name is IrischMatt, Cool Accent Ben, Paul, Dani, Nick, Jess, or James. MetroBuzz Promo I’m very excited. I hope we can raise the money for the comeback. It would be a really fun thing to do! Tweet

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Check Out “The 36”!

 Hey guys, so I suppose this will especially catch the interest of all my Lost friends out there.  Kris White, who produced The Official Lost Podcast, has written a graphic novel called “The 36” [link to website here].  “The 36” is based on Jewish mythology about the belief within Kabbalism that there are 36 crucial people […]

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Good Riddance, Osama.

Honeymoon is amazing.  All day as we took pictures, we picked ones we would use to put up during and then after the honeymoon.  However, tonight at dinner, Jay and I had a talk about 9/11 and what it was like being in New York vs. San Diego at the time.  Then we got back […]

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FRAK the Sketchbook Vol. 3 is here

If you haven’t already done so, you should check out and purchase one of my friend Frankie “Frak” Franco’s latest sketchbook!  Jay & I bought one this morning and we have Volume 1 as well.  If you don’t know who the one and only Frak is, he is one of the podcasting trio that is […]

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Brought to you by the letters “Cee Lo”

hahahaha. Here’s a chuckle for your Saturday: Here’s the “official” explanation: City spokesperson Marlene Feist says personnel from the street department believe snow may be wedged in the electronic sign… She also said that it was clearly ‘unintentional’. I totally want one of these signs. Tweet

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I really hope this marriage thing works out…

…because I already bought my pass for San Diego Comic Con 2011: Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed, stay healthy, & not take any more days off other than the wedding so I can even have a chance to be able to go next year.  But woo-hoo! 😀 Tweet

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Want a kitten?

Jay’s sister’s cat had kittens last month.  She has four little white ones who are up for grabs.  Technically, these kittens are Zoe’s nephews and nieces, since their mom and dad are both siblings of hers, haha.  Don’t worry though, the dad is from Zoe’s litter and the mom is from a few litters later.  […]

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Three Cheers for iPads!

Jay and I got iPads on Friday!!  Thanks to the very generous Jim for sending them to us as wedding presents.  We truly cannot thank you enough, Jim.  This was truly one of the nicest, sweetest, and most awesome things that anyone has ever done for us.  Thank you, you totally rock dude! The reason […]

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Awesome News of the Week

I got halfway through a post on Monday about our canceled JetBlue flight back home from NY on Sunday but decided I’ve had enough of airplane drama posts for the moment.  So long story short: Our 4:30pm flight was canceled at 10:30am, I missed the phone call/emails because I was having the BEST nap of my […]

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