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Oh this is the start of something good, don’t you agree?

Okay, so the gorgeous Allisonhas requested I make a new blog post so that she doesn’t have to see my bloody finger anymore and I kinda think she’s right! So lucky for Ali and the rest of you tired of … Continue reading

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Call Me Mac-Allister Now!

This is why I’m so excited about my new, beautiful Macbook, which arrived on Wednesday. Observe my Dell, duct tape/ external webcam/speakers/mic and all next to my pretty new computer. Excuse the doofus who insisted on being a part of … Continue reading

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An Apple a Day

November 30, 2008. 11:30pm. I finally purchased a Macbook after almost a year of computer problems.  I didn’t get one of the new aluminum ones (way way cool but a little too expensive), but I got the white one and … Continue reading

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Of “Lost”, Haircuts, Apartments & Graduation

For all my Lost fan friends, this may be the funniest thing I heard all week: JNorton15: So you want to see possibly the best Lost message board quote ever? JNorton15: “When Rose said to Bernard “If you are going … Continue reading

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Gimme yo’ digits, yo.

May I have your attention, please? I’m sure like 3 people actually read this, but if you’re one of those 3 people, then good for you! Here’s the deal: I got a new phone, so I need everyone to send … Continue reading

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The Katie O’Hagan Update

Yeah so the last week has been so incredibly stressful & busy at work that I haven’t been around much. I’m talking worse than MCCTA stressful/busy. I actually really missed the MCCTA stresses this past week because at least when … Continue reading

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July 21 = Greatest. Day. Ever.

So who’s jumping around like a massive tool because the last Harry Potter book is getting released July 21, 2007?! This girl. Just in time too, cause I finished JUST rereading all 6 books (for like the 4th time lol) … Continue reading

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SoCal is where my mind states

California in a few hours! I don’t think I officially explained this:Tricia’s moving back to Coram while Clayton’s finishing his last 6 months stationed in Japan. Sooooo I’m flying out there & then we’re driving back across country with her … Continue reading

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I hope that my sanity covers the cost

Finally the new Damine Rice CD is out on Tues, Nov. 14. You can preview 3 tracks at or stream the album/special features at his website. Fantastic. Oh, P.S. Neil Patrick Harris is gay. I’m not sure what relevance … Continue reading

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I’m a wild & untamed thing

“I’d rather stick my dick in a blender.” -Funniest text message Chris Golio has ever sent me. California on Monday morning! Then Tricia & I are going to drive back across country, leaving sometime Tuesday? Colleen = Excited. I know … Continue reading

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