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Recovering Lost GarageBand Files

So I was recording MetroBuzz Episode 123 on Monday night when disaster struck.  Just as John & I were starting our sign-offs, GarageBand completely quit on me!  We had 1:20 minutes of audio recorded and it was all gone.  I was so upset.  Just as I had resigned myself to listening through John’s side of […]

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Can Siri Sing Christmas Carols?

Ha, ha.  This made me laugh.  It’s probably not too far off. Tweet

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Current Addiction: Viggle!

So it’s now been one week since I signed up for this Viggle app.  Can you say addicting?!  Basically, it’s just another social media app where you “Check In” to TV shows as you watch them.  It’s sorta like Four Square meets SoundHound.  You have to be watching the TV show and it cannot be […]

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Another iPhone Bites the Dust

Being that I have a terrible habit of breaking my stuff, it should surprise no one that my poor iPhone finally had an unfortunate accident this morning.  I was running and dropped it on the road.  Naturally, it shattered.  It shattered badly – so bad that when I tried to use it afterwards, shards of […]

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Blue Screen ‘O Not Fun.

All I wanted to do was sync up my iPhone.  That’s it.  But as soon as I did, everything froze up.  I waited for it to unfreeze since this happened on Sunday and the culprit was Firefox.  It didn’t unfreeze.  I tried to get the Activity Manager up, but even that was frozen.  So, I […]

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Fun with Filters

So I said the other night that I was newly obsessed with the Camera Plus app (yes, I know – welcome to 2009, Colleen…) and was having fun mixing Camera Plus filters with filters.  So this is how I spent a good hour playing around with the other night. I took this picture on […]

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 Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.

“Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything.” There has got to be something to be said about the fact that for the past few hours, 98% of my Facebook, Twitter, and Google News feeds have been all about the death of Steve Jobs.  When I first read the news, […]

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go ahead and roll your eyes at me.

Not only did I notice what the latest iPhone software is, but naturally I had to be super lamo and screen cap it to share.  #NeedsALife Tweet

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Memorial Day Weekend 2011

Hello!  Hope all of my American friends had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend.  I really needed the three day weekend.  Since we got back from our honeymoon, it has been freaking crazy at work.  The first week back, I worked 9 hour days with no lunch to catch up and the week after that, we […]

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Legally CHG, yo

Jay & I got a pleasant surprise last night when we got home from Mexico to find that our official State of New York Marriage License had arrived already!  I brought it down to the Social Security Administration office this morning and changed my name officially!  Instead of “Colleen H. McAllister,” I am now legally […]

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