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let the struggle and the joy begin

There used to be nothing in common There used to be nothing to share It used to be ‘sit by the window and stare at what used to be there’ It used to be lonely in numbers Impossibly weak on my feet When the game starts and one person’s left out It used to be […]

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25th Birthday Recap

So thus far today, my packing has been this successful: I threw shit out from my desk (that I don’t even need to go through) and packed both my U.S. and British editions of Harry Potter and my Lord of the Rings books.  Yeah, this is not good lol.  I can’t really do anything outside […]

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Oh this is the start of something good, don’t you agree?

Okay, so the gorgeous Allisonhas requested I make a new blog post so that she doesn’t have to see my bloody finger anymore and I kinda think she’s right! So lucky for Ali and the rest of you tired of looking at my mangled claw, I’ve got an announcement:I’m moving to Raleigh in the middle […]

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