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MetroBuzz has reached episode 108

MetroBuzz Episode 108 is up on the iTunes feed now.  Here’s a behind the scenes picture from recording.  Just think: “Moist as a $2 kitten.” Tweet Shop Amazon – Hot New Releases – Updated Every Hour

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Gotta Love San Diego Sunsets & Carne Asada Burritos Con Queso

Woo-hoo!  I had my last day at work today!  Freeeeeee for two whole weeks!  Tomorrow afternoon, Jay & I are headed to Long Island for wedding week.  At work, I do a lot of authorizing jobs to be done, things to be ordered, etc.  I took a picture of the last thing I signed this […]

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yay i don’t need an iPhone for

So I just figured out that I can actually use the application on my iPad! I thought you could only upload pictures to it that you took yourself on the iPhone or iTouch.  I had a little bit of fun tonight while Jay, Clif, Zoe and I were watching Dodgeball.  “Why were you watching […]

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Obligatory 1/1/11 Post

Happy January 1, 2011 everyone!  New Year’s Eve is one of my favorite holidays.  There’s always a reason to celebrate – either the end of a good year, the end of a shitty year or the hope of what a new year can bring. Anyway, I put together a really ghetto video with some clips […]

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Clif’s Awesome LOST Promo

I promise that I am going to write up a post or two about this entire past weekend and some pictures up with background stories and the whole nine yards! I meant to do it yesterday but I had a combined total of 8 hours of sleep between Saturday and Sunday night and I was […]

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Hawaii Part 2: Fangirl Geek-Outs

Friday, Friday, Friday.  I woke up on Friday, January 29 (our 2.5 yr anniversary!) at 6am.  Why?  Well other than my body thinking it was 11am, Clif’s phone kept making blooping noises because it was 1) Charged up and 2) getting text messages.  Then at around 6:30am, his phone rang.  He answered it and it […]

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Just a Little Hawaiian Appetizer

I have a gazillion pictures and some really great stories from this past weekend in Hawaii but it’s taking me a little time to get them all up/written.  So to hold you over in the meantime (and you’ve probably seen this already but whatever, Clif kept us up til 1am working on it and both […]

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A Weekend Full of Sorry!

Sadly, the weekend is over but at this time next week, Sara & TJ will be married!  Woo-hoo.  We’ll be heading back to NY next Fri morning – Monday morning.  Wedding is at Marist College on September 5. Yesterday, I spend a decent amount of the day in the pool with Jay because it was […]

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A Gift for All of Your on Our Anniversary

I had this whole thing planned where I was going to post up pictures in the correct order from each day of San Diego Comic Con 2009 (4 of us even filmed a teaser for it in the airport leaving San Diego haha) but in honor of Jay and my’s 2-year anniversary celebration, I’m gratuitously […]

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And After A Long Day at Comic Con, We Want Margaritas

As usual, I’m running late, so I’ll make this quick.  I’m working on sorting thru a crapload of pictures from yesterday for (’s community blog site) but I’ve literally sorted through hundreds of awesome ones from people who’ve contributed, so it’s just taking a wee bit longer than it did yesterday.  We are heading […]

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