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Jay & Jack’s 9th Annual Comic-Con Panel

Woo-hoo! If you’re going to San Diego Comic-Con this year and you’re into TV shows such as Lost, Game of Thrones, and The Leftovers, then you definitely want to check out “Lost Podcast and Beyond” with Jay & Jack. This year, they will have special guests Kris White (The Official Lost Podcast) and Nick Dunn (Game of Thrones […]

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Review: Book Samplers from SDCC 2013

I’m going to try something new this year. I got a bunch of different books and book screeners from San Diego Comic-Con last month and I want to read and review each of them. It’s somewhat of a big undertaking for me, so I started with the book sampler I got from Random House with […]

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SDCC ’13: Saturday & Sunday

We had a fairly lazy morning on Saturday.  The Jay and Jack panel was later that afternoon, so we were trying to keep it pretty chill in the morning: We walked around the Exhibit Hall Floor a little more, got a little Ciné Cafe, etc.  [Side note: Ciné Cafe, as delicious as it is, gets […]

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SDCC ’13: Friday

Friday, July 19 was a much less busy day for Jay and me.  I woke up around 5:55 a.m. to go to the bathroom and looked out the window to check out the line situation outside of Hall H.  There were only two panels that day that I really wanted to see: The Veronica Mars panel […]

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SDCC ’13: Thursday

Jay and I were up and at ’em early on Thursday morning because we both had things that we wanted to do/see that day.  We got up right before 6 a.m. (thanks to our bodies not being used to the time change) and joined the line outside of Hall H.  Our view from the Omni […]

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SDCC ’13: Tuesday & Wednesday

I hereby dedicate this week to San Diego Comic Con 2013 talk! Jay and I got to San Diego around 10:15 p.m. on Tuesday, July 16 and headed to the Hilton Bayfront, where we were meeting up with Clif, Jana, and Nick.  None of us had a hotel room for Tuesday night as a part […]

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Comic-Con Nerd Stereotypes

My SDCC wrap-up posts are coming soon, but in the meantime, I had to share this hilarious picture that Kolkie sent me courtesy of  It’s pretty much true.  I have seen all 17 of these characterizations walking around San Diego Comic-Con.  They use the word “more” in their description because it’s a part two […]

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Veronica Mars Movie SDCC Sneak Peek

I’m going to do posts about San Diego Comic-Con 2013 when I get back, so expect them next week.  For now, here’s the video they played at the Veronica Mars panel in Hall H yesterday.  It’s a little behind-the-scenes video and then a short trailer at the end of it.  Enjoy! Tweet

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“Heyyy, Tooonyyy!” Video Exists.

Jay just got a new computer (a MacBook Air) and while he was going through files on his old computer and on his external hard drive, he came across a folder titled, “Old Pics.”  He was going through it for fun when all of a sudden I heard him exclaim, “OH MY GOD!  I cannot […]

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San Diego Comic-Con 2012: It All Ends on Sunday

After a bit of internal debating, I decided to get up early on Sunday to get in line for the Fringe Panel in Hall H.  I hadn’t slept well at all on Saturday night, so I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to lose my last chance to sleep in for a full week.  I […]

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