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Lovely L.A.

Ah, Los Angeles.  The setting for the second part of our California Family Adventure. [Part 1]  After one last large and delicious omelet from Grandma Bev, Jay and I were off to visit more of his family in Los Angeles County.  We began the LA portion of our trip around 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, February […]

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San Diego Sunshine

On Tuesday, February 12, Jay and I embarked on a week-long California adventure to visit his families in both San Diego and Los Angeles.  I want to recap the trip here for posterity, so I’m going to break it up into two posts, one for each city. We got to San Diego around 9:00pm PST […]

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642 Things to Write About Challenge: Week 7

Seven weeks in and still going strong.  I had a tough time picking out a topic for this week, despite my best efforts to do it in advance.  I went back and forth between a couple of them, but in the end decided to go with one that I found to be incredibly difficult.  If […]

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Merry Christmas!

I’m having a really nice time with my family on Long Island.  I feel really lucky to have gotten some great presents this year from Jay and my family, but last night, I got something really sentimental.  I got an old locket that used to belong to my grandmother, Helen, who passed away before I […]

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status quo.

Since I received a lot of kind words on Twitter this morning after I Tweeted about how nervous I was about getting the results from my grandpa’s CAT scan last week.  The results were going to tell us whether or not the chemo has been working on his new cancer and whether or not it […]

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Fall ’12 Parents’ Weekend

So I just realized that I never talked about my parents’ visit last weekend!  They drove down from Long Island on Friday, Sept. 14.  They made great timing, considering they had a slight setback when their tire blew out just outside of Baltimore on Rt. 95.  Thank goodness my dad knew what to do and […]

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Lazy River ‘n’ Wine Weekend

Day 6 in a row of blogging, haha.  That last Comic-Con post took a lot out of me so my next one will be out tomorrow instead.  I’m working on some other stuff tonight, so I’ll keep this short and sweet. Unlike the previous two weekends, this past weekend (Aug 3, 4, & 5) were […]

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Endings Always Come Too Fast

This has been a bad weekend. I woke up on Friday to the gut-wrenching news about the shooting in the movie theater in Colorado.  That set the tone of Friday for me.  Even so, I left work on Friday and remember thinking, “Wow, this has been a really great week.  I wonder what is going […]

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Disney: Animal Kingdom & Back to The Magic Kingdom

On our last full day at Walt Disney World, we hit up Animal Kingdom and the Magic Kingdom for a second time. In the morning on Saturday, May 19, Jay, Heather, Steven, and I went to Animal Kingdom.  We walked around the park, saw the Tree of Life, and rode on the Expedition Everest roller […]

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Disney Trip: Epcot

On Friday, May 18, we hit up Epcot!  I love the World Showcase portion of it.  It was particularly awesome this time around because unlike when I was last here at age 14, this time I could try all of the drinks I wanted to, haha.  I. Love. Epcot.  Honestly, I really do.  I just […]

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