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Today, I took my 250th Pure Barre class. On October 9, 2013, I hit my 100th class. I can’t believe it’s been two years, haha. I found out that I was pregnant just two days before, on October 7. I knew that because of pregnancy and maternity leave and just that whole “mom thing” in […]

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Exercise in My Pregnancy

I briefly talked about the exercise that I have been trying to keep up with during my pregnancy in my last update, but since I have made a point to try to stay active over the past eight months, I wanted to dedicate a post talking about what I have done. I need to stress, however, that […]

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Tips from a Pure Barre 100 Club Member

Well, I made it to 100 Pure Barre classes and got my coveted “100 Club” socks.  Woo-hoo!  I actually made it in back on October 9, but like most things lately, I’m super behind on posting about it.  I am pretty proud of myself for sticking with it for so long and have a goal […]

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Let’s Talk About Walk Tracker Pro

As you may or may not know, I am a big fan of exercising.  My “go to” form of physical activity is walking.  It’s easy to get up and do, I can listen to my iPod while doing it, and I put my phone away so no one bothers me.  Some Sundays, I walk 11 […]

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Brooklyn 10K

So, this post is only a week-and-a-half over due!  On Saturday, October 12, Jay, Dad, Katelyn, Christie, and I joined some of our dear podcasting friends Alirio, Jon, Dan, Gabby, and Gigi in good old Brooklyn to run the Rock ‘N’ Roll 10K in Prospect Park.  It was a blast!  We had a super gorgeous […]

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Let’s Talk About Jawbone’s UP Band

I’ve been meaning to write about Jawbone’s UP band since I got my first UP band in December 2011.  I loved Jawbone’s UP 1.0.  I know it was flawed because the bands would stop working every other month or so, but when my band worked, I loved using it.  My old band broke for good last […]

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Let’s Talk About Zumba!

Lately, I’ve been seeking ways to spice up my exercise routine.  Wanting to try something new, I decided to look into Zumba after reading about it in several different fitness magazines.  I posted something about it on Facebook on Friday night and had a ton of positive responses from both men and women, haha, so […]

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How Jay Ran 5K

For any beginner runners out there, here is the plan that Jay followed from Fitness magazine to train for the 5K last weekend.  I know it’s tough to see it, so here’s a pdf version of it for anyone interested.  Fitness- In six weeks, you can run a 5K.  You can also click to enlarge […]

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Color Mania 5K in Raleigh

[Note before I start:  I spent 2 hours last night working on this week’s Writing Challenge topic and it’s more difficult than I thought.   I decided around 12:30 a.m. that I think I have to change directions with it.  The topic is: “Rewrite the Gettysburg Address for today’s audiences.”  I’m giving you all advanced notice […]

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Pure Barre: One Month Later

UPDATE: I made it into the Pure Barre 100 Club! Here’s a blog post I wrote up with tips. Hope they’re helpful! Tips from a Pure Barre 100 Club Member [Editor’s Note: I started writing this post on October 17, right after I finished my month package at Pure Barre.  Then life, hurricanes,and laziness happened […]

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