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Jay Gets Iced

Jay’s friend and Zach’s godfather, Cole, challenged Jay to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge yesterday. [Confession: Even though this has apparently been going on for like two weeks, I had NO IDEA this challenge existed until I saw a … Continue reading

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3 Years Down

Jay and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary last Tuesday, April 29. Since Jay was working until 8 p.m. that night and it wasn’t like we could just go out and get a drink after he got off work to … Continue reading

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Podcast Weekend ’14: Surprise Baby Shower

At the beginning of April, Jay & Jack had their 8th annual charity podcast for Autism Speaks. It was a blast, as always. We had a fun filled weekend with minimal sleep, lol.  The total raised was $3,000. Donations are being … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone out there has a happy and safe Thanksgiving day!  Eat up, drink up, and do your Black Friday shopping online! 😛 When I used to stay at my grandparents’ house, my grandpa always used to have this mug … Continue reading

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That Time Jay Married His Friends

Yesterday, November 2, Jay officiated a wedding!  Two of his friends from Apple got married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony and asked Jay if he would do the honors of making performing the ceremony.  It was finally a gorgeous day … Continue reading

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Brooklyn 10K

So, this post is only a week-and-a-half over due!  On Saturday, October 12, Jay, Dad, Katelyn, Christie, and I joined some of our dear podcasting friends Alirio, Jon, Dan, Gabby, and Gigi in good old Brooklyn to run the Rock … Continue reading

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Favorite Beers by State

This map has been making the rounds over the Internet the past few days, but I only just saw it today.  A company called Blowfish, which promotes their own a “hangover cure,” teamed up with third-party research firm AMP to … Continue reading

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Team SACSS 2K13 Reunion

So every year, some of my college girlfriends and I get together for a reunion.  For the past few years, they’ve been kind enough to travel here to Raleigh to visit Sara and me.  However, we switched things up bit … Continue reading

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Google Maps has the Tardis.

Remember last month when it came out that Diagon Alley from Harry Potter was on Google Maps?  Wellll, in case you haven’t heard yet, it was discovered yesterday that they’ve done it again.  This time, Google Maps’ Streetview has a little … Continue reading

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Liberty and justice for all.

Historic day for America.  Goodbye, DOMA.  GFY, Prop 8. I’m so happy, I had tears in my eyes all day. It’s about fucking time. Tweet

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