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We did it!

Well, we did it!  The wedding went off without a hitch.  Jay even said “I do” too early because we were so excited hehe.  This is a short post because I’m exhausted and we’re getting up at 5:30am to make sure we get to JFK with plenty of time to go to Mexico.  I may […]

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July 29, 2007.

Okay!  We’re just about down to one more day so let me wrap up the story of how Jay & I officially became a couple.  So let me get to that.  But first, a weather check: Excellent, excellent, excellent.  Let’s get started. On July 28, 2007, Jay and Jack had their first ever panel at […]

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Gotta Love San Diego Sunsets & Carne Asada Burritos Con Queso

Woo-hoo!  I had my last day at work today!  Freeeeeee for two whole weeks!  Tomorrow afternoon, Jay & I are headed to Long Island for wedding week.  At work, I do a lot of authorizing jobs to be done, things to be ordered, etc.  I took a picture of the last thing I signed this […]

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The Turning Points

6 days to go! The constant changing of the LI weather forecast for next Friday is killing me. First it was rainy then it was sunny then partly cloudy then back to rainy with a drop in temperature. As of tonight, April 23, the 10 day forecast is: Let’s go nice weather!  A little chilly […]

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Yikes it’s April already

I cannot believe that April has arrived already.  It feels like it was just February 2010 and Jay and I just got engaged.  I can’t believe that we are getting married in 26 days.  I’m getting excited, but it still doesn’t feel fully real yet.  How on earth could it already be April 2011?  How […]

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Hulu Wins for Internet April Fool’s Day

F*ck yeah, Hulu!  I’ll take this as my front page regardless of what day or year it is! Tweet

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Bridal Shower Fun

I went back to Long Island this past weekend to have a hair-style trial and a make-up trial.  The make-up was airbrushed and it looked pretty nifty.  I think I needed to wear blush though and not bronzer.  I didn’t feel my face was well enough defined on anywhere other than my mascara. Anyways, my […]

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yay i don’t need an iPhone for

So I just figured out that I can actually use the application on my iPad! I thought you could only upload pictures to it that you took yourself on the iPhone or iTouch.  I had a little bit of fun tonight while Jay, Clif, Zoe and I were watching Dodgeball.  “Why were you watching […]

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I had a quiet birthday yesterday.  Went to work early to make up time for my stupid late flight back from NY on Monday morning (we had a 1.5 hour delay – I’ll never understand how planes that leave before 8am can be delayed but whatever), went to pilates and then came home and did […]

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Colleen Vs. the Bedpost/Jack Vs. the Crack

Yeah so this post started out being all about how I’m newly obsessed with smoothies from Keva and want to make my own at home and sometime while writing it, I managed to trip over a suitcase in my bedroom and smash my toe into the metal leg of my bed.  Naturally, that turned into […]

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