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FYI About Wellness Visits

I just wanted to post an experience that I had this past week.  It’s a little bit of an FYI and a little bit of a PSA.  Maybe it’s something that everyone else already knew.  Whichever category it falls under, I thought I’d share it so that no one else makes the same mistake in […]

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Once You Go BioSense…

I used to get these headaches right where my head met my neck.  They started sometime in the fall of 2012 and the only way I could alleviate some of the pain was to stick my thumb at the base of my neck and push hard up into that soft spot in my skull.  It […]

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So I Made Spinach Parmesan Quinoa

Last week, I blogged about my discovery of quinoa and the easy recipe my mom showed me for making it.  I was getting a bit curious about other ways to make quinoa.  I found this recipe for Spinach Parmesan Quiona and decided to make my own variation of it, mainly leaving out the chicken stock.  […]

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Crafts & Quinoa

So I’ve been in a creative mood lately.  Making that laundry detergent sort of set off my desire to try making new things, from household goods to crafts to food.  I’ve never really been much of a chef, but lately, I’ve made chili, salmon, crab cakes, and quinoa for the first time.  Heck, on Saturday […]

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The Art of Face Mapping

Last month, my sister sent me a link to an article about acne and the science of face mapping.  Face mapping is the practice of using the placement of acne on your face to diagnose underlying causes or problems internally.  I’m not a doctor, so I don’t want to mislead anyone into thinking that this […]

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