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Photo-a-Day List: September 2014

For September 2014’s Photo-a-Day list, FatMumSlim used prompts submitted to her by challenge participants. Here’s the list. Happy picture taking! Tweet Shop Amazon – Top Gift Ideas

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July 2014 Photo-a-Day List

Hello! Here is the July 2014 Photo-a-Day list from FatMumSlim. July’s list was created by Tessa from Down That Little Lane. Happy Picture Taking! Tweet

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June 2014 FMS Photo-a-Day Challenge

I’ve been lax about putting these up for the past few months, but when I saw the prompts for June 2014’s  Photo-a-Day list from FatMumSlim, I really liked them and wanted to share. I know I’m going to be busy having a baby and all that in June, but part of me wants to try […]

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March 2014 Photo-a-Day List

This month’s Photo-a-Day list from Fatmumslim was co-created by Ma & Grandy. I want to do it, especially because I finally got a new phone all set up yesterday (iPhone 5S and I finally have iOS7, yayyy!) but I don’t have enough time nowadays to keep up with my blog (I’m getting to my birthday […]

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January 2014 Photo-a-Day List

Here’s the list.  It looks like FatMumSlim is having guest bloggers make up the lists right now.  I’d need a break if I were her too after two years of creating prompts, haha.  Happy photo-taking! Tweet

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December 2013 Photo-a-Day List

For anyone still playing along.  It looks like a fun list this month, though I’m 99% sure that last year, it was the exact same prompt for December 7 (6 o’clock).  I remember because it was for the day of my work holiday party, haha.  Enjoy!  Happy December! Tweet

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October 2013 Photo-a-Day List

This past month was a bit busy for me and I barely had time to breathe let alone do the Photo-a-Day Challenge, which does make me a bit disappointed in myself because I really liked some of the daily topics for September’s list.  Ah well, what are you gonna do?  Sometimes life has to win […]

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September 2013 Photo-a-Day List

Here you go!  The creator, Fatmumslim, had a baby last week, so the September 2013 list is made up entirely of participants’ suggestions.  I like these topics a lot. Tweet

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August 2013 Photo-a-Day List

Here’s the August 2013 Photo-a-day list for anyone interested.  I started out pretty strong with July’s, but all the trips we took distracted me from going back to it.  Ah well.  There’s always August.  I really like a lot of these topics.  Maybe it’s because I’ve taken a few month break, but they seem different […]

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March 2013 Photo-a-Day Roundup

I missed 10 days last month and often times caught up late.  It wasn’t that I was so busy in March or wasn’t into it, I just didn’t feel like thinking up pictures for the topics, sometimes, lol.  Anyway, same rules as always apply – click to enlarge or just hover over a thumbnail to […]

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