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Zachary Louis

On Friday, June 13, 2014, at 9:53 a.m., Jay and I welcomed our son Zachary Louis Glatfelter into the world. He was 7lbs 14 ounces and 21 inches long. He is the most perfect baby in the entire world. We love him more than we can even comprehend. A longer post is in the works, […]

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For My Two Boys

This post is not going to be an update, but merely a reflection. I am feeling very reflective today. Jay and I are about to celebrate the birth of our first child, our son. Back on the morning of October 7, when four pregnancy tests came back positive, I never thought June would actually arrive. But […]

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39 Weeks!

Well, another week, and yup, I’m still pregnant! I know four gals who had their babies over the last four days. It feels like everyone is having babies but me. Meh, mine must take after his father, because he is still hanging out, in no rush to join us out here. I was born at 34 weeks and Jay […]

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Nursery, Phase 3: Decorating!

Jay & I have made even more progress on Baby G’s nursery! We still have a few things left to do, but this is pretty much the finalized look. We got the shelving from IKEA and the wall art/mobile/bedding from Babies R Us. A word of caution to anyone considering buying bedding from Babies R […]

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38 Weeks

Well, not much to update this week. Had my 38 week appointment this morning, but there was no change. Still have a soft cervix, still not dilated. I know the cervix checks mean absolutely nothing, but when you’re waiting impatiently, it just sucks to not know what’s going on. I feel like every week, I […]

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Rockers and Bathrooms, Yar!

Another day closer to Baby G’s arrival and a few more things can be checked off the “To Do” list. Pack ‘n Play On Wednesday, Jay set up Baby G’s Pack ‘n Play, which is what he’ll be sleeping in for his first few months while he stays in our room. We bought the Graco Pack ‘n […]

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37 Weeks

Well, not much to update from last week other than I haven’t slept well the past few nights because I can’t find a good position due to my leg muscles feeling constantly tight. Thanks to a 2lb weight gain in one week (at this point, I should only be gaining 1lb), I’ve decided that fun time is over […]

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Exercise in My Pregnancy

I briefly talked about the exercise that I have been trying to keep up with during my pregnancy in my last update, but since I have made a point to try to stay active over the past eight months, I wanted to dedicate a post talking about what I have done. I need to stress, however, that […]

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36 Weeks!

So here we are, with approximately four weeks to go until Baby G makes his grand entrance into the world. It’s been a month since I last updated and a very busy one at that. I will try to keep my update concise and to the point, though. I had my first cervical check this […]

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Baby G’s Baby Pool!

Last week, I created a baby pool for people to make guesses on when and what time they think Baby G will arrive, what his weight will be, what color his hair will be, etc. I cannot believe we are already close enough to his grand entrance that we can do a baby pool. It […]

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