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The Gatfelters Watched Ghostbusters

This week is almost over and I am so glad.  I actually thought that today was Friday until about 10am, when I realized that it wasn’t and I still had another day of work, haha.  I’m so tired and so burnt out.  I feel like I’m burning the candle at both ends between work, school, […]

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So by now most of us know that George Lucas took yet another spectacular moment from Star Wars and doctored it to make more money.  However, with giant f*ck-ups come hilarious Internet spoof videos.  Thus said, I now present you with this awesome YouTube video that plays make believe with some classic movie moments, as […]

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Let’s Talk About Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2

Okay, so I’m four days after the fact, but whatever.  I’ve been busy busy busy preparing to leave for San Diego Comic Con 2011 today! Woot. So Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.  Jay and I did a midnight 3-D showing on opening night.  After fighting the crowds (seriously, I don’t understand why […]

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Let’s Talk About “The Green Lantern”

If I had to sum up The Green Lantern in 25 words or less, I’d say this: “Ryan Reynolds is pretty.  Blake Lively is pretty.  Their love story is boring.  The Green Lantern story itself was entertaining.” I had a good time watching The Green Lantern last night.  I hadn’t read any reviews yet but […]

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you bet I spent the night searching for Super 8 easter eggs.

I saw a Facebook post about how they loved the Jack/Locke easter egg in Super 8.  I must’ve missed that though I did catch the number 47 in the credits.  In Alias, 47 would pop up everywhere; it also made some appearances in Fringe as well – in fact, in season 2, episode 5 that […]

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Let’s Talk About Super 8

Jay and I went to see Super 8 last night.  I was going to write up something when we got home last night but I didn’t quite know what to say about it.  I could give a spoiler-free plot summary, like I’ve tried to do for The Hangover Part 2, Bridesmaids, and X-Men: First Class, […]

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Let’s Talk About X-Men: First Class

Continuing the trend of how much of Rose Byrne we can take in a week/making up for seeing maybe 3 movies total in 2010, Jay and I went to see X-Men: First Class last night.  I can’t really review it from a comic book fan’s point of view because I don’t know how it stands […]

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Let’s Talk About “Bridesmaids”

Jay and I saw Bridesmaidslast night and I’m so happy that we did.  I was originally hesitant to see it because Kristin Wiig kinda bugs me on Saturday Night Live but I have to admit that she was hilarious in this movie.  Before I saw it, it was described to me as the female version […]

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Let’s Talk About The Hangover Part II

Look. I’ll tell you right now, honestly, that no, The Hangover Part II is not as creative or intelligent as the first movie was.  But if you watched the trailers, then you shouldn’t have expected a brand new storyline.  In fact, I found the movie to be exactly what I expected: a sequel that copied the original […]

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An Oldie Jolleen Story

I know that I have told to this story before but it’s one of my favorite memories and since it’s Podcast Award nomination times once again I figured that I would fondly revisit the past. On October 19, 2008, Jay and I had gone to dinner in Raleigh at Fox ‘N’ Hound Grill at North […]

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