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When Kanye Met Swayze

This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while: Okay back to working on the post for with the pictures we took from our meeting with DAN AYKROYD today!  He’s touring to promote his vodka, Crystal Head Vodka, which is really good (trust me, I’m feeling it a little bit as I type […]

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Our New Roommate

Apparently we have a new tenant in our apartment: I personally took this as a sign that I was forgiven for my horrible accidental killing of the skink (lizard) on Sunday afternoon.  If you haven’t heard the story already, here goes again:  Basically, I accidentally scared a lizard into jumping off a bridge into oncoming […]

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Blind Item: Not So Basic Instinct

Blind Item:  Which C-list female podcaster had a bit of a ‘Sharon Stone’ moment last night when the short Aerie-brand pajama shorts she was wearing showed off a little bit too much?  She was hanging out with her A-list podcaster boyfriend and two other male friends and was wondering why one friend kept playing games […]

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Taco Night Gone Right!

I made tacos for Jay and Clif on Friday and I’ll let the video speak for itself. This started before I even got to sit down to eat my own tacos! Tweet

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Jay’s 24th Birthday Weekend

So this weekend was Jay’s Birthday Weekend.  He turned 24 on Friday, March 27.  Side note: Sunday the 29th was my sister Christie’s 20th birthday.  I don’t think she reads this but if she is, Happy Birthday!!! Anyways, I after scouting out many local restaurants for us to try, I decided to just do the […]

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An Open Letter to Craigslist Spammers

To Those Who Post Spam Listings on the Raleigh (or any city’s) Craigslist, I hope you get caught & end up in prison where they sodomize you so badly that you realize that that’s exactly what you’re doing to those who optimistically apply for jobs day in and day out, as though it were our […]

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Birth-entines’ Day, Part 2

So as previously noted, on Saturday night, Jay & I had a belated Birth-entines’ Day celebration. I thought we were going to Outback the entire time and before I left NY, may or may not have had a slight hissy fit over going there (give me a break, it was a really bad first 19 […]

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A Nipply Day in New York & Company

“It seems to be a bit cold in here for that mannequin…” -Jay Glatfelter He is correct: Tweet

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Birth-entine’s Day, Part 1

It took me 10 hours to drive here on Thursday, but I finally made it to Raleigh! I spent Thurs night and all day Friday straight chillin’ with Sara at her & TJ’s kick ass townhouse (she had her wisdom teeth removed Friday morning so I drove her). But I finally got to see Jay […]

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And So the Journey (Finally) Begins

I am finally leaving for North Carolina in a few minutes.  I’m going to stay with Sara & TJ in Raleigh tonight, so I won’t see Jay until he comes home from school tomorrow night 🙁 but that’s life.  I’m going to take Sara to get her wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow morning, so at […]

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