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Christmas in October

It’s time for a happier post about my weekend, one that doesn’t involve airplanes. So this weekend, I had a completely work-free weekend for once. We went to 5 Guys with Clif (as per usual), then we were going to go see “Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist” but the time was listed wrong online, so […]

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Oohhhh sweet child of mine

More lameness + Bad camera angle on my face + drunk eyes = word. Tweet

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Calling Clay Aiken Fans.

Clif has an announcement and I drunkenly try to bring a joke back from the dead, much like the person deity it’s about. I’m not going to pretend that this is interesting, but I the battle at the end makes me giggle. Tweet

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Drinking Water in Raleigh

Nothing better than a poorly shot video in a darkened bar. We have fun though. Tweet

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Kittens at Play

I’ve been meaning to post these videos all week long, but haven’t had a free moment to. When I was in Raleigh last weekend, I decided to go all mom on the kittens and take videos. Are they cute videos? Yes. Are they probably interesting to everyone else in the world but me? Not at […]

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You Know Times Are Tough When…

Jay & I saw this in a parking lot in Raleigh yesterday: Hurricane Ike has knocked out one of the oil reserves that services the Southeastern U.S., so some gas stations are shut down while others have raised the prices higher than New York prices and set a $40 limit per trip. But to have […]

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37 Hours in Raleigh

Not much to report here. Made a spur of the moment trip to Raleigh last weekend. Jay, Clif & I went to see The Dark Knight in IMAX, which rocked. We walked around downtown for a little while because a free concert was going on outside, but were too cheap to pay cover charges in […]

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South of the Booooorderrrrrrr!!!

Jay & I finally hit up South of the Border. I’ve been begging him to take me there since I discovered that his college is only 20 minutes from there. But yes, it’s just as ghetto as rumored to be. We were trying to locate Mexican food, but the food at South of the Border […]

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Of North Carolina, Moby & Reunions

Okay, so. Saturday night. I’ve done basically nothing all day but clean and read and watch TV. I went to bed at 5:30pm last night because I had a bit of a migraine. My head hurt for most of today, but it feels much better. I’m going out to the Upper West Side in an […]

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