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Farewell, ’14

Holy crap, 2014 just started yesterday. How could it be over already?! After a rough 2012 and 2013, this past year has felt like a sunny day after a bad storm. Yes, cheesy, but accurate. It’s been a blessing. The addition of Zachary Louis to our family has been the best thing that has ever happened […]

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New Year, New York

Brrr, it’s so cold in Raleigh this week!    It was 15 degrees when I left the house yesterday morning and it’s been so cold all week.  Damn you, arctic air!  I know they have it much colder in the Midwest right now, but damnit, it’s supposed to be cold in the Midwest!  haha anyway, […]

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Goodbye, 2013!

So here we are, another year gone by.  I can’t believe it’s New Years Eve 2013 already.  I feel like I only just finished writing up about 2012.  Damn.  I hope the first six months of 2014 go by just as quickly as all of 2013, hehe. While 2013 has brought me the blessing of […]

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Obligatory 1-3-13 Post

I’m not going to get many obligatory “fun number posts” this year, but c’est la vie.  I guess I’ll have to wait for the next decade to start before the sequential months, days, and years happen again, haha. I hope everyone had a great end of the year.  Christmas through New Year’s was crazy for […]

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Good Bye & Good Riddance 2012

So here we are on New Years Eve 2012.  Generally on New Years Eve, I try to do a post that sums up my past year [2008, 2009, 2010, 2011].  For the last several weeks, I have been struggling with what I was going to say or do in that post commemorating the end of 2012.  At […]

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Hello, 2012

Ah crap.  I’m 12 days behind on my first post of 2012 and I was aiming to blog at least one post a week for the entire yet.  I’ll have to make it up.  I’ve been doing that thing where I work on 5 different posts but never finish them because they require things like […]

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Goodbye, 2011!

So here we are, at the end of 2011.  I cannot believe how quickly this year flew by.  Crap man.  I got married this year!  Damn. Anyway, keeping with my somewhat yearly tradition, here’s my “Year in Review” blog post, complete with links for your own entertainment.  I’m somewhat proud of myself that I blogged […]

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Obligatory 1/1/11 Post

Happy January 1, 2011 everyone!  New Year’s Eve is one of my favorite holidays.  There’s always a reason to celebrate – either the end of a good year, the end of a shitty year or the hope of what a new year can bring. Anyway, I put together a really ghetto video with some clips […]

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I Think It’s Time for Us to Have a Toast

Wow. New Years Eve 2010.  How the HELL did this happen?  It feels like last week that I was blogging about all the things I could not wait to happen in 2010.  It’s just so crazy how fast a year goes by.  Last NYE, Jay & I went to a party at Anthony Rapp’s apartment […]

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I’m a Free Bitch, Baby

2009 started off pretty rough.  Actually, the months of February thru May were filled with loss.  Loss of friends, loss of a podcast, “loss” of calling NY my “home,” loss of my dear dog, loss of my self-confidence when I couldn’t find a job and struggled with NuNews, etc.  But where there’s loss, there’s gain: […]

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