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Yay New York

Very excited to have been able to witness the passing of marriage equality in New York tonight, June 24, at 10:30pm.  How wonderful.  Go New York!  I’m proud to always be a New York gal. P.S. Love this picture of the Empire State Building lit up in the colors of the rainbow in honor of […]

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The One Where I Spent 15 Hours in Penn Station

So here’s my latest travel story.  I do want to say on record that I am 100% aware that delayed travel is one of the lesser of life’s worries in the scheme of things.  But everyone has a breaking point and when you constantly encounter “setbacks” getting places and you’ve been alone in a train […]

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“The Ride” on Good Morning America

My friend & fellow former MCCTA kid Joe Cummings was featured on Good Morning, America this morning!  How exciting is that?  A show he does in New York City called “The Ride” was spotlighted in a segment.  It seems like a really fun show, so if you’re planning on visiting NYC any time soon, definitely […]

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I wish I had been this guy yesterday.

This is awesome!  I totally wish that I could’ve cross country skied across Times Square yesterday.  He had the right idea. Tweet

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it’s beginning to look a lot like…

Seeing this picture of the tree of Rockefeller Center getting set up makes me so excited for the holidays!  38 more days til Christmas! [Source] Tweet

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25th Birthday Recap

So thus far today, my packing has been this successful: I threw shit out from my desk (that I don’t even need to go through) and packed both my U.S. and British editions of Harry Potter and my Lord of the Rings books.  Yeah, this is not good lol.  I can’t really do anything outside […]

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Begin, be not afraid; fall in, the day is brave

Happy February 1!  Welcome to my snazzy new super duper website.  The lovely and talented Alice has been helping me out a lot with everything on here and we’re not even done yet 🙂  All my former posts from the old blog are still here.  Blah blah blah. I’m exhausted because I got home at […]

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Oh this is the start of something good, don’t you agree?

Okay, so the gorgeous Allisonhas requested I make a new blog post so that she doesn’t have to see my bloody finger anymore and I kinda think she’s right! So lucky for Ali and the rest of you tired of looking at my mangled claw, I’ve got an announcement:I’m moving to Raleigh in the middle […]

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‘Kink’ Just Got Kinkier

So who remembers when I shared with the world the view directly across the from my office window? Well, I got into work today to find that the Kink Museum of Sex has accessorized a bit: Yes, that does say “Golden Showers,” “Penetration,” “Scat,” “Mudlarking,” & “Knicker Wetting.” At work before, Jeff & I were […]

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Yeah, Astoria.

Amanda and I are officially moved into our new apartment in Astoria! Yay, NYC livin’ 🙂 I’m too lazy to write about it, so enjoy some videos we made on our first night. OH! I had to go into the office really quickly during move-in day & was SO exhausted from not sleeping one bit […]

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