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February ’13 Photo-a-Day Roundup

Holy crap, we’re in March already.  I feel like February never even happened.  I started out with all the best intentions to do every day of February’s Photo-a-day challenge, but somehow, the days just got away from me.  A few of them, like “In Your Refrigerator” (Day 15), I couldn’t do because I wasn’t at […]

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Jan. 2013 Photo-a-Day Roundup

I admit, I didn’t do the best job keeping up with last month’s Photo-a-day.  I was just way too busy at work and my brain was in so many different directions that I was mentally exhausted when it came to being creative with each day’s topics.  I think I just really needed a break.  I […]

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December Photo-a-Day Roundup

Holy crap!  I cannot believe that I made it an entire year doing the Photo-a-Day Challenge.  I know I started a few days into January 2012, but I still feel like I’ve accomplished something.  I know I said the other day that I wasn’t sure if I would be doing it for 2013, but while […]

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Zoe’s Ideal Christmas Tree

Another week, another Christmas comic I found amusing.  This would be Zoe’s dream Christmas tree decorating scheme.  I think this is the last one I have, but you never know… Tweet

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November Photo-a-Day Roundup

Month 11 of the year has passed, which means Month 11 of FatMumSlim’s Photo-a-Day Challenge has been completed.  I struggled a bit with the picture topics this month; I felt some of them were recycled from previous months that I had felt meh about the first time (Breakfast, the _o’clock ones, In Your Bag, Where […]

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Can Siri Sing Christmas Carols?

Ha, ha.  This made me laugh.  It’s probably not too far off. Tweet

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Oh Scratching Post, Oh Scratching Post

It’s that time of year again: Christmas decorations!  Jay & I are going to be putting our tree and decorations up later this week.  I just love love love how the apartment looks when it’s all decked out for Christmas.  Anyway, I saw this cartoon and it reminded me of how the bottom half of […]

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Oh, Saaaandy

I was going to make my annual “Pumpkin Carving in the 919” post today, but I got completely distracted by all the Hurricane Sandy updates when I got home from work.  Instead, I just want to send all my best thoughts out there to everyone who is being affected by this latest natural disaster.  My […]

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Crazy Hurricane Isaac Picture

[UPDATED 8/28] I found this picture on one of my go-to daily blogs of Hurricane Isaac about to hit Florida some random storm.  Isn’t it crazy?  If I ever saw that coming towards me, I would probably 1. Try to take a picture and 2. Promptly shit my pants.  Isn’t this crazy?!  Click to enlarge. Tweet

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Earth to Mars Mars to Earth

I shared this picture on Facebook, but it really amazes me so much that I wanted to post it here, too.  This was taken by from Mars by the Curiosity rover. It’s amazing to think how little we are in actuality when each day, humans constantly feel like we and our problems are the center […]

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