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Well, that’s life.

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January’s Photo-a-day Project

For those of you who don’t know, I have been participating in the January Photo-a-Day Challenge on  I know it’s not exclusive, but that was the venue I picked.  I joined it a little bit late (on Day 6) & I’ve missed a day or so in there, but I’m so glad that […]

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Things That Are Awesome: The TV Show Character Edition

Claudia from the Media Junkyard Facebook group posted a link to this picture and it’s awesome. Can you name every TV character depicted in this picture?  [Source of the picture] Tweet

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Occupy My Chair

Since I need to drop everything tomorrow and study for my big exam on Monday, I’m trying my best to get this paper like 99% done today so all I have to do is tweak it and add a Table of Authorities before I turn it in on Tuesday.  Apparently “someone” feels neglected and wants […]

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Christmas time is here…

I hope that everyone had a happy and safe Thanksgiving yesterday!  I am almost done with classes.  I have a TON of work due on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week but then I only have one more assignment due next Tuesday and I am done for the rest of 2011!  Then I’m back […]

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Obligatory 11/11/11 Post

Sooo instead of rambling on, I figured in honor of Veterans’ Day, I would post some pictures I’ve taken lately of the amazing fall colors in Raleigh to show how beautiful America can be.  Thank you to everyone who is currently serving and has served in the military to defend this country.  Happy 11/11/11! Outside […]

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There has got to be a better way to say that.

Really, AP? And P.S. I’m really glad that Kim Kardashian was entitled to uphold the sanctity of marriage.  Meanwhile, the gays still don’t have the right to marry and divorce for money in under 80 days.  Classy.  Klassy.  Classy. Tweet

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Things That Make Me Happy: The Yankee Candle Accessory Edition

Now that it’s officially fall, we just bought our newest Yankee candle and an accessory for it.  I love candles and I love the accessories for them.  I got a few lovely apartment warming gifts when I first moved to Raleigh that were candles – one for the table, another set to hang on the […]

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Fun with Filters

So I said the other night that I was newly obsessed with the Camera Plus app (yes, I know – welcome to 2009, Colleen…) and was having fun mixing Camera Plus filters with filters.  So this is how I spent a good hour playing around with the other night. I took this picture on […]

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It’s not even Halloween yet.

It is an absolutely GORGEOUS day in Raleigh today.  It’s 63 degrees outside and sunny.  There’s no wind.  I changed up my normal gym-pilates-grocery shopping routine this morning in favor of grocery shopping first and going for a hike or walk this afternoon just so I can enjoy the last few weeks of beautiful weather […]

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