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The Broadcast/Real Weird Sisters Crossover!

My main jam podcast, The Broadcast, is still going strong, almost two years later! This week, we released a “maternity leave podcast,” a crossover with Alice and Martha from The Real Weird Sisters. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, and want to hear a more “adult-themed” Harry Potter-related podcast episode, then I have the perfect […]

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The Broadcast!

I’m doing a new podcast! It’s called “The Broadcast” and my cohosts are my old roommate from Astoria, Amanda, and my cohost on The Tribe, Shandy. If you have iTunes, you can subscribe here: or if you use the Podcasts App on your iPhone, you can put our feed into your Safari browser and it will […]

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Jay & Jack and Bobby Moynihan

Guys! On Monday night, Jay and Jack recorded a podcast with Bobby Moynihan aka Drunk Uncle from Saturday Night Live. He’s a big LOST fan! On the podcast, which is a part of their 10th-anniversary retrospective, they talk about Bobby’s top five favorite LOST moments, and more. It’s really fun. If you are subscribed to […]

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Jay & Jack’s 2015 Charity Podcast Schedule

Here is the schedule for the Autism Speaks podcast. All times are Eastern. If you need help with a time zone conversion, try this website: We are going to be broadcasting through YouTube & Google Hangouts. Here’s the link: 3 p.m. Ralph D. Apel 4 p.m. Jeff Jensen 5 p.m. Duke Roberts (Choo Choo […]

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The Lost Podcast with Jay & Jack Returns

The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack returned this morning, September 22, in honor of the tenth anniversary of the pilot of LOST airing. Jay and Jack will be releasing 30 episodes over the next year for what they are calling the “Tenth Anniversary Retrospective.” Each podcast will focus on something different, from certain LOST episodes (for […]

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Podcast Weekend ’14: Surprise Baby Shower

At the beginning of April, Jay & Jack had their 8th annual charity podcast for Autism Speaks. It was a blast, as always. We had a fun filled weekend with minimal sleep, lol.  The total raised was $3,000. Donations are being accepted through the end of April, so if you’d lke to donate, here is the information on […]

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Jay & Jack’s 2014 Autism Speaks Podcast Info

Here is the schedule for 2014 Autism Speaks Podcast on Saturday, April 5.  It begins at 2 p.m. ET and ends at 3 a.m. ET on April 6.  Here’s a website to convert each time to your own time zone. 2 p.m.: Jimmy Aquino 3 p.m.: Clif “The Hybrid” Armstrong 4 p.m.: Ralph Apel 5 p.m.: […]

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Breaking Bad with Jay & Jack

Attention Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack fans!  Jay and Jack are going to be doing a brand new podcast called Breaking Bad with Jay and Jack.  This will be a limited, exclusive podcast that covers the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad as they air on AMC from August 2013 through October 2013.  You can check out the first […]

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Check Out Tales from the Cask

Hey everyone!  Last month, friends of ours and members of the Jay & Jack community started a podcast that I want to recommend to everyone to check out.  It’s called “Tales from the Cask” and is presented to you by Chip Mims and his team at Mims Distributing. (Jay & Jack peeps: You’ll know Chip as […]

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642 Things to Write About Challenge: Week 17

I originally had a different topic for this week.  I had actually come across the topic a while ago and written most of it back in February.  Given some events that have gone down this week, I decided to share this experience instead and save the original one for next week.  Have a good weekend. […]

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