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The Turning Points

6 days to go! The constant changing of the LI weather forecast for next Friday is killing me. First it was rainy then it was sunny then partly cloudy then back to rainy with a drop in temperature. As of tonight, April 23, the 10 day forecast is: Let’s go nice weather!  A little chilly […]

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I love where we started

I cannot believe that Jay & I are getting married in one week!  Holy crap, the entire last 15 months have gone by soooo quickly!  I figured that this week, I’d try to do something Jay & Colleen origin-y or something to that effect.  So I guess I’ll start at the “beginning.” It all started […]

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Media Junkyard Celebrate April Fool’s Day

So a week or so ago, one Chris Kolk approached me with a proposal: Kolkie: So next week we’re doing a super secret April Fools episode of the podcast and we just had someone bail to be Boston.  I know that it’s the monday after the batchelorette party which is why we didn’t ask you […]

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Better Late than Never

As you may or may not know, last weekend, Jay and Jack hosted their 4th Annual Marathon Podcast for Autism Speaks.  Let me briefly summarize the awesome fun that was Saturday, March 12: We listened to the likes of Patrick Labyorteaux, Damon Lindeloff, Kris White, Jo, Ryan & Jen, Jimmy, Robin, and more. We tried […]

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That Time Jay Did a Pull-Up For Money

During the 29 Hour Podcast for Autism Speaks, Jay did one pull-up for a $2 donation from his sister Heather.  I’m so proud… For more info on the schedule, where to watch it and how to donate, go here: Tweet

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Donate to Austism Speaks on Jay & Jack’s Annual Marathon Podcast!

We’re in hour 8 of 29 in the 4th Annual Podcast for Autism Speaks!  The goal is $20,000 this year.  If you want to donate, you can go here: or donate through by sending money as a “GIFT” to Anything would be appreciated.  Tune into listen to the podcast, which is going […]

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An Oldie Jolleen Story

I know that I have told to this story before but it’s one of my favorite memories and since it’s Podcast Award nomination times once again I figured that I would fondly revisit the past. On October 19, 2008, Jay and I had gone to dinner in Raleigh at Fox ‘N’ Hound Grill at North […]

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Unintentional Married Man Show, er, Plug

I CANNOT BELIEVE I FORGOT TO SHARE THIS! Jay, Clif & I went out to eat at one of our most favoritest restaurants in Raleigh, the Raleigh Times a few weeks ago.  This was at the very top, left-hand-corner column of the beer list: I spotted it first and I laughed so hard when I […]

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Jay & Jack Featurette on “Audibly Lost”

Alex from Audibly Lost has been working on a Lost podcasting documentary called “Audibly Lost.” I know he’s been working on it like crazy for quite some time now and has driven around the country interviewing people involved in the Lost community. Jay & Jack were fortunate enough to be interviewed by Alex back in […]

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aaahhh I can blog from my iPad (duh)

Downloaded the WordPress app for my iPad. I’m old school and will probably wait until I get to a computer before I make posts in the future but hells yeah now I know I can blog from Comic Con! The only problem will be inserting pictures since there’s no way for me to instantly take/load […]

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