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Autocomplete Map of Each State

I love these map posts that go around the Internet.  I don’t know the accuracy of any of them, but they’re fun to look at and speculate about.  This one takes the Google autocomplete results when you ask why a … Continue reading

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Obligatory 1-4-14 Post

I don’t really have anything to say right now, but I just wanted to get one of my “numbers” posts in.  Can’t break a longstanding tradition now, can I?! Hope everyone had a nice New Years.  We head back to … Continue reading

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Obligatory 11-12-13 Post

Here we are, another fun date post.  I don’t really have a super lot going on right now, but I’ll try to make this as interesting as possible. Since Jay and I officially moved into our new home on September … Continue reading

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Let’s Be Professional

I saw this controversy reported on Gawker on Monday.  I know I’m a few days behind on weighing in, but as someone who wishes they were a journalist and someone who considers themselves a blogger, I really wanted to bring … Continue reading

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Bitch or Ho?

I know I Tweeted this last week, but I thought it was worth putting the question out there for discussion. So while we were driving back from New York, Jay and I heard Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” on New York … Continue reading

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10,000 Feet Up!

I’m posting this right now from my AirTran flight from Atlanta to Minneapolis.  It’s the first time I can remember ever using Wifi on a flight.  Sure, it was $10 but after spending over 4 hours in ATL with no … Continue reading

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A Quick Note About the End of the World

Since the world is supposedly ending sometime today on 12/21/12, I decided to do a little bit of research into the whole subject and since I apparently can’t get enough of reading my own words lately, I figured I’d share … Continue reading

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New Haircut 2.0

I cut my  hair again on Saturday.  There wasn’t really any reason for it other than I liked how it looked when I cut it back at the end of October and wanted to dare to go a bit shorter … Continue reading

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The End of the Election

FINALLY, the election is over.  No more great Facebook divide for another four years.  I took a much more removed position on the election this year because there were very strong issues about both candidates that I did not like … Continue reading

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PSA About PayPal

Some of you may know how much I don’t like PayPal.  I hate that they can be in control of your money but not be subject to US banking laws and regulations.  I find that mad sketchy and I think … Continue reading

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