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That Time Our Mail Truck Was on Fire

Nothing like getting a good blogging rhythm going and then disappearing for two weeks, #amirite? It’s been a very crazy couple of weeks; we had Jay’s birthday last week (more on that in another post) and Zachary is on Day … Continue reading

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Introducing Alexander Thomas!

He’s here! Alexander Thomas, born on Friday, February 9 at 10:22 p.m. He was 8lbs 4oz and 20 inches long at birth. He looked a lot like his big brother did when he was born, but now, at four days … Continue reading

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642 Things to Write About Challenge: Week 27

I choose this week’s topic because over the past few days, I’ve spent much of my free time reading about it and even though in the scheme of things, it’s not very important, I still find it fascinating. Hell, as … Continue reading

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Our Mutual Hometown

I had the most random, unexpected encounter yesterday afternoon. On my way to get my hair cut, I stopped at one of Coastal FCU’s drive-up remote teller stations. I needed to deposit a couple of checks and take out cash … Continue reading

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I Think I Have a Trickster.

I think I have a trickster. I don’t really have a better term for it, so I’m using one that I learned by watching 8 seasons of Supernatural.  Lately, I have had the weirdest things happen to me.  Each time … Continue reading

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I’ve Jumped the Shark

Before I get started, today is the 5 year anniversary of Jay and my’s first date in La Jolla, California.  /Obligatory anniversary reference.  But seriously, it’s crazy to think that five full years have gone by.  Nutso. Anyway, back to … Continue reading

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Forward Motion, Part 1

[NOTE: This post got long.  Like, over 3,000 words long.  I did the page break thing towards the beginning, but I also split it into parts that will be set to go up over the next two or three days.  … Continue reading

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I feel the Earth move under my feet…

So I experienced my first earthquake today and I didn’t even have to go all the way to Comic Con to do so.  My experience wasn’t all that exciting but I am kinda excited that I felt my first earthquake … Continue reading

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The Ballad of Smokey

You ever think that certain things happen for a reason?  Not in the super meta sense of the phrase.  Just that a bunch of really insignificant little things can tend to lead to something meaningful happening that would not have … Continue reading

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July 29, 2007.

Okay!  We’re just about down to one more day so let me wrap up the story of how Jay & I officially became a couple.  So let me get to that.  But first, a weather check: Excellent, excellent, excellent.  Let’s … Continue reading

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