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Oohhh they wanna dance with somebody

Julia & I went up to Marist this weekend to see And Then There Were None(as did Courtney & Julie). It was strange to sit in the Nelly Goletti & NOT have to worry about anything. At all. I haven’t done that since freshman year. Congrats to everyone, they did fabulous – extra special pats […]

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You Know How I Know Phil’s Gay?

Heyyyyy let’s play the “You Know How I Know Phil is Gay” game! I’ll go first!! “You know how I know Phil’s gay?” “How?” “He sings Sarah McLachlan to himself when he’s in the tanning salon alone.” *Thanks to Beth for telling me this story. It seriously made the whole staying up 2 hours later […]

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maybe a bright sandy beach is gonna bring you back

Being that I had almost the exact same “conversation” today with two different people, I feel the need to include the away message of Brian Sabella, the second person to bring the ‘not-going-back-to-Marist’ topic to my attention today (not that it wasn’t already on my mind/brought up by almost everyone i’ve ever met in the […]

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Donkey Show!

yesterday i found out that someone that i work with has actually seen a real, live donkey show. i then found out a lot more about donkey anatomy than i’ve ever cared to know. repulsing, yet i couldn’t stop listening. according to previously mentioned firsthand witness, who was taking a trip to Mexico 9 years […]

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