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Zoe’s Ideal Christmas Tree

Another week, another Christmas comic I found amusing.  This would be Zoe’s dream Christmas tree decorating scheme.  I think this is the last one I have, but you never know… Tweet Shop Amazon Gift Cards – Perfect Gifts Anytime

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Oh Scratching Post, Oh Scratching Post

It’s that time of year again: Christmas decorations!  Jay & I are going to be putting our tree and decorations up later this week.  I just love love love how the apartment looks when it’s all decked out for Christmas.  Anyway, I saw this cartoon and it reminded me of how the bottom half of […]

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For You, I’d Give the World

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably have seen my scattered Tweets alluding to my grandfather’s health.  Back in March, Grandpa was diagnosed with cancer.  He was originally told that it was just a growth that needed to be removed, but when they biopsied it, it ended up being the Big C.  It started […]

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Hellooo, I am back from Walt Disney World.  I’ve got pictures and whatnot to post, but since it’s almost midnight on the East Coast and I have to get up early tomorrow and embrace the real world again, I figured I’d put it out there for anyone who hasn’t heard yet that the MetroBuzz reunion […]

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The One Where I Graduate

Soooo it’s been a really eventful last few weeks. I’ve been working on a huge round-up post, but I figured I’d just do the graduation one separate since it’s quick & easy (TWSS). Back in August 2011 (8/15 to be exact; you can guess why I remember the day), I started taking classes at Meredith […]

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MetroBuzz: Assemble!

Soooooo John & I will be recording our MetroBuzz reunion show tomorrow (Saturday, May 12) at 4 or 5pm EST.  We’ll be bringing back some of the good ole segments for a big goodbye: Urban Dictionary, WWWTF, Top 5, etc.  (not gonna spoil it all hehe).  We’ve set up the old email and created a […]

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I Voted Against Amendment One

I got up bright and early this morning to vote in the North Carolina primaries.  I wanted to make sure I was there nice and early, so as not to be late for work.  I voted against Amendment 1, which states, “marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall […]

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So quick note – yesterday I said that I got part of Jay’s gift from InstaCanvas.  Totally wrong.  I got it from CanvasPop.  They did fantastic work on my anniverary gift to Jay.  I just got confused because I get 80 gazillion annoying messages from InstaCanvas each week and their marketing worked because they were the first […]

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Of School Being Out Forever & Of Anniversary Gifts

As of an hour ago, I am officially ALL DONE WITH SCHOOL!  Just finished my take home test for my Tuesday night class.  I have already gotten my grade for my Business Organizations concentration (my Monday/Thursday class) and found out how I did on three out of our four “short courses” (4 electives, so to speak, […]

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Photo-a-day April Pics

Holy crap, another month has gone by.  There were some days when I didn’t think I’d be able to come up with one, but I made it through all 30 days of April.  I think that over the past four months, I’ve started to look at life differently because of these pictures.  I look for […]

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