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You Know Times Are Tough When…

Jay & I saw this in a parking lot in Raleigh yesterday: Hurricane Ike has knocked out one of the oil reserves that services the Southeastern U.S., so some gas stations are shut down while others have raised the prices higher than New York prices and set a $40 limit per trip. But to have […]

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Adventures in Spyware!

Spyware sucks. I got a nasty case of it last night right before Lost started & spent all freaking night trying to get rid of it, including buying some stupid program that Anthony recommended with money I definitely do not have (grrrr). Nothing’s working and I keep getting lovely pop-ups (I think my first thought […]

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‘Cunt’ Still Needs To Be Reclaimed

I know I’m a day late for my traditional V-day post, but I got up at 2:45am yesterday morning and drpve 9.5 hours to North Carolina to surprise Jay for Valentines’ Day. I was going to do this while he was recording The Lost Podcast last night, but I kinda passed out right after Lost […]

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The Spirit of The Vagina Monologues

“Vagina is a dirty word culturally. Penis you can say as many times as you want but vagina’s a bad word.” –Grey’s Anatomy writer Krista Vernoff on the podcast 1/19/07 So, it’s Valentine’s Day & I’m feeling down. Why? Not because I don’t have a valentine (I could care less, honestly) but because it’s more […]

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Between my fist & my Pollyanna flower

How awesome is this picture? Some more pictures & an article about such phenomenons. It’s from July, but still crazy. Very symbolic of life in general, no? Kinda sums up the past year quite nicely, too… Tweet

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There’s Always the Next

2am and i’m still awake writing this songif i get all out, it’s no longer inside of methreatening the life it belongs toand i feel like i’m naked in front of the crowd’cause these words are my diary screaming outloudand i know that you’ll use them however you want tobut you can’t jump the trackwe’re […]

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Don’t Burn the Day

True story: [Source] Tweet

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Take Me Back…

Dear Friends at Marist, I’m so incredibly jealous of you all right now. In fact, I think that if I had to take 8am classes, 5 days a week just so I could go back and not have to be in the real world, I would be ok with that. So, kids, here’s my advice: […]

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maybe a bright sandy beach is gonna bring you back

Being that I had almost the exact same “conversation” today with two different people, I feel the need to include the away message of Brian Sabella, the second person to bring the ‘not-going-back-to-Marist’ topic to my attention today (not that it wasn’t already on my mind/brought up by almost everyone i’ve ever met in the […]

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