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Back to Work

Wow. I can’t believe that 12 weeks have gone by. The best 12 weeks of my life are coming to an end and a new chapter is beginning. I go back to work today, September 8. I cannot believe that it’s already time to say goodbye to spending my days with my Zachary Louis. I should […]

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Bye, Bye, Miss U-T-I

So yesterday morning, Zoe had her two-week following up appointment at the vet’s office.  None of the 3 of us wanted to be there, but I think Zoe may have wanted to be there the least.  Jay had her on his lap since I was all dressed up purdy for work event.  First from hiding […]

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Goodbye, Chair.

Today is my last day at my current job.  I’ve never spoken very much about my job over the past 3 years. I never really felt that broadcasting what I do for money is something that the world needed to know nor do I want to risk saying something that could cost me my job.  […]

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I guess now is as good of a time as any to announce that my last day at my current job is July 6.  Beginning July 16, I will be working for the Wake County Bar Association.  The reason for the week in between is because I’m going to San Diego Comic Con July 10-15.  […]

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Land of the Rude

I have a rant that I need to get it off my chest. People. Are. So. Damn. Rude. I spend a lot of my days on the phone with a variety of different people.  I would say that literally 75% of the people I talk with on the phone each day will hang up the phone call […]

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I feel the Earth move under my feet…

So I experienced my first earthquake today and I didn’t even have to go all the way to Comic Con to do so.  My experience wasn’t all that exciting but I am kinda excited that I felt my first earthquake so I figured I’d write it down here for posterity.  Someday, my grandkids can read […]

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I had a quiet birthday yesterday.  Went to work early to make up time for my stupid late flight back from NY on Monday morning (we had a 1.5 hour delay – I’ll never understand how planes that leave before 8am can be delayed but whatever), went to pilates and then came home and did […]

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bless us all, who gather here

I’m delayed at BWI right now (Baltimore’s airport) so I figured I’d share with everyone some pictures from my office’s Christmas lunch today.  Everyone brought in a dish.  My coworker Patty made awesome kilbasa (spelling?).  Oh man, I wasn’t hungry at all but I ate a TON of it.  We also had HoneyBaked Ham, green […]

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I Was Just Doing My Job!

It’s been a while since I’ve had a Dumb Colleen story. Last night, I had a fantastic time at my company’s holiday party, btw. I don’t think anyone had less than 3 glasses of whatever their drink of choice was. I told my parents about it when I got home and their response was, “Yeah. […]

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Nagini Is Hungry

I heard this wonderfully gross story at work on Monday night. It was the perfect cure to stop eating so freaking many M&M’s instead of dinner. Kallie, a high school senior, told me it: A girl she used to work with had a pet snake. She used to sleep with this snake each night because […]

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