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Instagram Has Been Facebook-ized, Officially.

Dear Instagram Users, Welcome to Instagram under Facebook.  In the new Privacy and Terms of Service Agreement, which was unveiled yesterday (December 17), Instagram has declared that it [Facebook] may not own your pictures, but can use or sell your pictures without paying you for them or even notifying you that they’re using them.  Here […]

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The End of the Election

FINALLY, the election is over.  No more great Facebook divide for another four years.  I took a much more removed position on the election this year because there were very strong issues about both candidates that I did not like at all.  It was amazing to see how worked up people got over certain issues […]

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Google+ is kinda stupid.

So for the past week or so, I’ve been on and off trying to figure out what’s so great about Google+.  I couldn’t think of anything other than it made me realize I need to update my Facebook profile.  There are more things about it that bother me than make me want to use it: […]

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Let’s Talk Facebook & ‘The Social Network’

Jay and I saw The Social Network this past weekend and like many of the Tweets or Facebook updates I’ve seen, we thought it was awesome.  Sure, it was an origin story that was most definitely Hollywood-ized, but that doesn’t matter.  It’s the ultimate origin story, dramatization and all, because well…it’s a real life ‘hero’ & it’s our […]

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Obligatory 9/9/09 Post

Yeah, it’s 11:11pm on 9/9/09 so what better to do than a quick blog post? Today was sad at work.  One of my bosses, Heather, resigned.  She’s probably one of the most awesome people ever, so it was a somber day at work.  But when I got home, Jay had made me French Dip and […]

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Dear Facebook…I mean Twitbook…I mean MyFace…

Dear Facebook, First, we accepted the “new” Facebook.  Then we dealt with the blantant rip-off of Twitter, which in my opinion GREATLY decreased the value and fun of the site.  Now you’re adding the option of USER NAMES?  WTF?  Are you that afraid of being irrelevant?  Well, here’s some news for ya: At least Twitter […]

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So What’s the Deal With Facebook?

The whole Facebook change in Terms of Service (TOS) controversy has been everywhere the last few days.  Basically, the old TOS said that if you closed your Facebook account, you’d retain the rights to any pictures, videos, notes, etc. (basically any original content) that you uploaded onto the site.  The new TOS, which I believe […]

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