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Media Junkyard Celebrate April Fool’s Day

So a week or so ago, one Chris Kolk approached me with a proposal: Kolkie: So next week we’re doing a super secret April Fools episode of the podcast and we just had someone bail to be Boston.  I know that it’s the monday after the batchelorette party which is why we didn’t ask you […]

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Haha, very clever iTunes

I feel like they’re trying to hint at something but I don’t know… Tweet

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To Cable or Not To Cable

Back in September, Jay & I signed up for a Hulu Plus account.  Days later, Apple announced the new & improved Apple TV.  At the same time, we were having problems with our Time Warner account.  There were several occasions this summer when the digital cable wasn’t working and we had no channels, which sucks […]

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Chuck knows a lot of Kung Fu.

I still have to finish up my post about Jay & my’s New Years Eve adventure but I’ve been blah all day when it comes to doing anything.  Mainly because I spent like 3 hours yesterday cleaning out my closet and reorganizing things, so today I felt lazy.  I’ll get to it within the next […]

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Jay keeps making fun of me (sad smiley face) but I AM SO EXCITED!!! is#19 in the Video section for Comedy on iTunes!  We FINALLY got approved by the iTunes Store today, just in time for our Fall Launch. Aaaannndd as of right now, #41 over both Audio and Video categories in Comedy!  Hooray!!! […]

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Stressed, Yet New & Notable

Oy, I spent the day at the doggie cardiologist, cleaning, packing, cleaning up dog puke, contemplating my sick mom’s plea that I leave on Sunday instead of Saturday so she can have “parent time” (she’s been sick since literally last Thurs & I haven’t had a real convo with her since then because she comes […]

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