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642 Things to Write About: Week 37

The time you were the most terrified – your knees were knocking, your heart was racing, you could barely stand to be in your own skin.  I know there are a lot of ways that this topic could gone.  However, when I try to pinpoint a moment of terror, I trudged through moments of dread, […]

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Let’s Talk London Part 4

In the home stretch and then I can go back to posting boring shit like my new haircut and pictures of Zoe being adorable. Thursday February, 18 2010: So Thursday morning, I didn’t feel so good.  I woke up with a terribly sore throat and I couldn’t swallow because my glands felt so swollen.  I […]

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Let’s Talk London.

So far, London has been everything I expected it to be: gorgeous architecture, awesome sites to see, fantastic food, and cold & rainy.  All in all, it’s been so far so good. February 12-13, 2010: We arrived on Saturday after an overnight flight out of JFK, where Diana Ross touched me.  Yes, she did.  Well […]

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