Colleen’s attempt at blogging, take 2.

Ooookay, so after talking with the one and only Kelly Rainey on this fine evening, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and started regularly posting shiznit on a blog. Soooo I’m going to take some old MySpace blog posts and put them up and then start rambling here for your entertainment. Because I think that what I have to say is somewhat amusing, even if it has absolutely no relevance in anyone else’s life. Ah, hell, you never know. I lived with Sarah & Amanda for 3 years. Their wittiness has to have rubbed off on me in one way or another…

Here goes. The first couple posts will have been ones that you’ve already read if you happen to follow my MySpace blog (which I update probably once every 3 weeks or so).

From Wednesday, July 12, 2006:

ok, here are some fun links for everyone’s laugh out loud pleasure.

1) It’s a Paris news story. Read it and love it. Then laugh about how ridiculous it is and let’s start a discussion about whether or not she actually believes half the shit she says.,,2004580002-2006320014,00.html

2) I don’t even think I can properly comment on how absolutely hysterical this is. Mickey Rourke is crazy. Makes Mariah Carey look like the model of sanity.

3) A little bit of “Arrested Development” for your entertainment. Both are short clips from 2 of the funniest (in my opinion) moments from season 2. This show is BRILLIANT. (Amanda & Sarah, you NEED to watch season 3. It’s SO funny). development
and featherbottom

4) Not a link, but a quick antidote that Dunning told us at my graduation party. His friend was at a party with Christopher Walken, who may be my hero. Anyway, Walken’s totally shitfaced and walks up to Dunning’s friend and goes in his creepy, yet so bad ass Walken voice, “Ya know what the greatest part about being me is? I can go up to any girl here, take them home and fuck them in the ass and she’ll let me.” Yeah, sort of dirrrrrrty but his Christopher-fucking-Walken and he’s probably got a point. I love that story. (Dunning, if I’m telling this wrong, correct me haha)

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