Random Thoughts on a Tuesday

It’s ironic how my last post got accidentially deleted, but I supposed that it’s for the best. I’m sort of calmer now, though I still meant exactly what I said. It’s still on the Facebook as of right now, but I’m probably taking it down since I got it out of my system for the time being. It’s funny though since that’s the one post that I got a ton of people responding to lol.

Anyway, it’s lovely what 4 hours of sleep can do for the randomness of a person’s thoughts. Especially when you know that you could’ve gotten a good 6 hours in and chose to ignore the time, so you can’t even use the “I had so much work/I had so much MCCTA” excuses! So yes, random thoughts from this morning:

  • I went for a run at like 7am & started wondering whether or not Pluto not being a planet anymore has any major astrological effect on your hororscope. I mean, seriously, it’s got to have some consequence, right? WTF am I supposed to do NOW when I get to that page in the paper every morning? Just ignore the fact that the rest of my cosmic life has been just one big lie?! 50 minute run on 4 hours of sleep, people. Just keep that in mind.

Moving on, here’s another thought I had while driving to work this morning (I need to just not think anymore):

  • “London Bridge” came on the radio (I’ve been doing my bimonthly attempt to catch up on what’s going on in non-Alanis/Fiona/Tori/Counting Crows-land). First, I almost crashed my Rav4 in disbelief that I turned on the radio & heard a song that wasn’t “SexyBack” playing. After that inital shock subsided, I started to wonder why Fergie Ferg, Crystal Meth Princess of Nice Abs Wasted on an Ugly Face, decided on “London Bridge” as her euphemism of choice. Being involved in V-Day & The Vagina Monologues for 4 years at Marist (as Managing Director of ETG, I acted as liasion for MCCTA/V-day for 2 years) & having directed the show junior year, I have that freaking script memorized. Add in 3 years of living with Sarah & Amanda (& 2 with Sara), I think that I’m a pretty good authority on words used in place of vag. I’d even go as far as bragging that I could hold my own in a categories of Kings against Eve Ensler, Chris Rock, Ellen & Howard Stern (George Carlin would probably own me though). But LONDON BRIDGE?! I don’t get it, I’m sorry. Someone please explain it to me.

I’m stopping myself now for everyone’s sake or else I just won’t stop. I do have one last pondering:

  • There were these out-of-control kids in the dressing room at work today and the poor parents were doing everything to control them. My thought? “My kids aren’t going to be like that.” In years past, even last summer, I’d see or hear screaming children & say, “That’s why I’m not having kids.” All of a sudden, I’m assuming that I will. When did THAT happen?! I’ve been doing it without realizing it for a little while now. Even all summer at the beach with Cassidy, I joked about how cute little kids are when they’re at the beach & how it’s the one place that I don’t mind loud children (public pools are a whooooole other story, however. There’s no way to escape when a 5 year old pisses in a pool). They were cute, playing & making sand castles & all that crap that they do (it was the anorexic looking dumb 16-year-olds & their club hair boyfriends that we took such pleasure in making fun of. Trust me, some of their convos were HYSTERICAL). Ok, that’s besides the point. I’m not saying that I’m going to run out & procreate anytime soon, so the world IS safer from me spreading my particular brand of insanity for a while. I’ve got other things to do; Chris Golio & I are going to take over the world.

I was just kidding. I have one other quick thing, a PSA of sorts:

  • The Dane Cook podcast blows. As did “The Black Dahlia.” So just keep that in mind if you’re the type of person who values the precious minutes of their life.

That’s all. Peace out.

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