Oohhh they wanna dance with somebody

Julia & I went up to Marist this weekend to see And Then There Were None(as did Courtney & Julie). It was strange to sit in the Nelly Goletti & NOT have to worry about anything. At all. I haven’t done that since freshman year. Congrats to everyone, they did fabulous – extra special pats on the back for Cassie & Megan (producers), Erica my ROCKSTAR (PSM) & Christina (anyone who can make Amy Kate actually truly look like a 70-year-old woman gets massive snaps).

I hung out with Rachel, Will, Steph, Nate H., Jeremy & Ryan Defoe for a while afterwards, then made an appearance at the cast party. Rachel, send me those pictures that you took at su casa when you get a chance. Also, damn you Speranza for getting me back into a massive Tori-kick again.

I was still exhuasted from my 8 straight days at my crappy job, so I knew by last Tues that there was no way I was going to be drinking or anything like that this weekend. Anyway, Phil managed to convince me to drive him, Beth, Angrisani, Topher & Stephanie Garrison to Darbys at around 1-1:30am. How did he do this when all I wanted to do was go home to Crissy & Heather’s couch & sleep? Irish Nachos. Damn it, I’m a sucker for those gloriously greasy, fattening, unhealthy waffle fries with bacon & melted cheese everytime. Damn you, O’Hagan. DAMN YOU & you “I can eat Irish Nachos at 3am & still look as hot as the movie star I will be some day” ways!

Moving on so this isn’t another novel:

We took Angrisani’s Irish Nacho virginity & it made him so happy that he & Topher just wanted to dance with everybody! OMG! There’s even video of them celebrating! Could you possibly ask for anything more?! *Note that poor Steph totally realizes what she’s gotten into by agreeing to come with us, hahaha. Beth is not there bc we made her the Irish Nachos Bitch & made her wait at the bar for an extended period of time with instructions to not come back with the goods.

After getting home at 3:30am (I had to take a trip to the Wall after I dropped everyone off. I didn’t go during alumni weekend & that place has always given me perspective). I fell asleep on Crissy & Heather’s couch in Fulton around 4am, got up at 8am, went for a short run (I missed my old course, esp. since I couldn’t run the last like 2 weeks of school cause I was gimping around haha). Then I drove straight to my grandparents’ house in Syosset to shower & get all dolled up for work, dropped all my shit off in Ridge in about 4 minutes and flew out the door to good old Ann Taylor Factory Outlet.

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