SoCal is where my mind states

California in a few hours! I don’t think I officially explained this:Tricia’s moving back to Coram while Clayton’s finishing his last 6 months stationed in Japan. Sooooo I’m flying out there & then we’re driving back across country with her stuff. I think we’re leaving Tues afternoon, going to Vegas (yippee!) on Tues night since it’s only 2 hours from her soon-to-be-ex-apartment. Then we’re driving through the southern states Wednesday til whenever we’re finished, making stops for her to visit family in Tennesee/Louisiana & going to Lookout Mountain(?) in Tenn. We’re gonna drive up the east coast, (maybe visiting harassing Cassidy at UNC?) then I believe spending the last night at her dad’s apartment in Baltimore. Sooooo in case anyone other than my dog Strider is going to really miss me, we’re going to aim to do it in about 5 days, so fear not. I may or may not post from the road, since I need to check my email as I still foolishly hold out hope that perhaps I’ll hear from some place I’ve applied & magically have a real job waiting for me when I get back. Oh, sweet daydream.

Went to Potown last night to see my MCCTA bitches do one of my all-time favorite shows, Crazy For You (Colleen trivia: the 1st show I ever saw on B’way, was in it years ago; one of the resaons I love the the-at-re). The house was nearly sold out & they did a fantastic job. Mark gets the rockstar award for producing it completely on his own, without a co- or asst prod. Mole Mole got new, clean menus, which sort of ruined the Mexican atmosphere of the joint. Amanda, Sabella, Julie, Julia, Donoghue & I represented the alumn. Speranza got the hottest new haircut & as usual, Rachel was her kickass self. Phil got skinny, so he probably tastes pretty good right now. Yeah, I think I covered it all.

Finally, for your viewing pleasure, I have a picture of one Ian “Ian-face” Topping dressed as a himself in the real world! & one Joseph Matero dressed up as the Crow for Halloween. My mom offering to help him paint his nails black was slightly disturbing, but probably not as disturbing as it was for Joe to walk into my house as I’m straigthening my hair with the Rocky Horror soundtrack BLASTING, obnoxiously singing along, slightly oblivious to the fact that I’ve got company. Why do I ramble so incessantly all the time? Here’s the picture:

Um, just to add: I just turned the TV on & that show where they fix up people’s homes – I totally can’t remember the name right now but it’s on ABC Sundays at 8pm – is on. I put it on right as the chick was asking this little like 7-yr-old boy: “If you could have a special room, what would be it be?”

Ohhh, it’s just too easy. Too easy. Is this show always this Michael-Jackson-esque?

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