A J.D. Christmas

I’m totally posting this video on STARKED NYC tomorrow (Tues, Dec. 12), but here’s a little preview. Fucking classic. It’s actually from 2003/2004, but I’ve never seen it before 10 minutes ago. It’s A Charlie Brown Christmas performed by the Scrubs cast.

Dr. Cox as Linus is absolutely genius. I’m a tool, so I copied down his “True Meaning of Christmas” speech:
Here’s the deal, Newbie. You can stuff your stockings with shiny little toys from now until you grow some testicles, but until you that stocking is filled with friendship, loyalty, love & devotion, well – it’s just plumb empty. And no, you can’t purchase those things at Laura Ashley, and no, you can’t win them in the Redbook Giveaway Extravaganza. And gee, I’m sorry if these aren’t things you can wind up & watch spin for 8 hours. Let me make this exceptionally clear: Christmas is about love. You can’t live without other people’s love. Not during Christmas, not ever. So go spend that time with your friends & family and if they laugh at you, laugh with them. And if they laugh at you again, hit ’em & go find some new friends. But for the love of God, Jesus, Mary, Joseph & his Technicolored Dreamcoat, don’t ever, ever forget this, Newbie. You have to give love to get love. So start giving. Now. That’s what Christmas is all about, Newbie.”
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