The audience loves him! (And he loves the audience for loving him.)

I got back from Marist the day after the Angri-Storey gala around 4ish. I hopped on a train to NYC to meet up with Julia & Ali to go see Eddie’s off-Broadway debut, “What We Understood.” I’m so proud of my Home Fry! 🙂 It was really well done, written by some of the actors. It talked about how we react to different choices & circumstances & relationships in our lives, relating current situations in the play to each characters’ past. The acting was impressive. Normally, student shows can be painful to watch cause they just don’t have the right balance between art, acting & production. But it was really good. Julia & I were almost freaking out at some parts bc we felt like some of it was “really speaking to us” (insert awkward laughter). Afterwards, we all went to one of Eddie & my new fav places, Rendezvous (8th & 46th). On the way back to Penn, we took one of our awesome Coll/Eddie pics (not as awesome as our Britney/K-Fed picture, but close).
Worked all day Sat. with a wicked cough, likely due to the weather actually deciding to act like it was Jan. & the past few nights of 4 hours sleep. Sat. night was a 60th bday party for an uncle at a really nice party hall. Resurrected the Banquet/Sr. Formal/Tonys dress. I love that freaking dress.
I played hookie from work on Sunday to visit Julia & the Brooklyn Museum. We wanted to go to the Annie Leibovitz photo exhibit since it was closing that day. Neat-o. We also explored the Egyptian floor (mummies are rad). Afterwards, we went to some panini place in Park Slope Jules just discovered. I can’t wait til Amanda & I get our apartment in Brooklyn & I can do shit like that all the time (not like I don’t do it now anyway, but that I can do that shit & not have to sit through a train ride every time). 4 1/2 months…

Why are Allison & Julia so hot?

This may be a terrible picture of me, but Eddie still thinks I taste good…(?)

Did someone say “Peep Show”?! Home Fries are SO there.

(Caution: Mean Girls alert) I’m just here with my boyfriend…

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