“Here’s some money. Go see a Star War.”

I saw Smokin’ Aces with Tricia on Fri. It was a bit of a mess. Considering every actor age 28-45 in Hollywood was in it (Jeremy Piven, Ryan Reynolds, Ben Affleck, Jason Bateman, Andy Garcia, Ray Liotta, Alicia Keys, Matthew Fox), it should’ve been a lot better. What can I compare the movie to? Be Cool comes to mind, since that was also a bit of a tease – awesome cast but complete mess of a movie that wasn’t good but didn’t totally suck either. There was just waaaay too many people & it got a bit confusing, despite being a relatively easy movie to understand. Andy Garcia’s accent changed in just about every scene he was in & Jeremy Piven was basically playing Ari-Gold-meets-Jeremy-Piven-meets-Lindsay-Lohan.
I wanted to see Dreamgirls or Babel or Catch and Release, but after I made Tricia sit through The Fountain (good concept, but a bit boring bc it took itself way to seriously) it was agreed that she could pick the next movie. The Fountain was too slow, Smokin’ Aces was too fast…the next movie we see will be juuuuusssst right…
OH! Apparently Katie O’Hagan, Meagan Donoghue & I are the graduation picture in the Marist calendar for May ’07. Excellent. Thanks, Bob Lynch!
P.S. Katie’s headshots are up on IMDB now. I wrote her bio/trivia last year when we were bored one night; I completely forgot what I wrote until I just reread it haha. One day when she’s rich & famous, I’m totally gonna sell her out to appear on her E! True Hollywood Story. What are old roommates for?
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